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Travel nursing at Dell Children's

  1. 0 I just accepted my first travel assignment at Dell Children's in Austin, TX. I will be working in the PICU. Wanted to see if anyone has any information or insight!

    Have a great day!
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    Hi, sorry I don't have any information about the PICU at Dell, but I am from Austin originally and have only heard great things about the hospital. I'm also a travel nurse working in Connecticut right now, but trying to get back to Texas. What company are you traveling with? I would really like to travel to Dell but am not sure what travel companies they use. Best of luck! Austin is GREAT!
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    Hey- Dell is only covered by Cross Country Travel Nurse Corps, E-mail me and I'll give you more info...I worked with one recruiter from the company whom I hated but my new one is wonderful! Thank you so much for the advice!!
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    How was your experience there? I am applying for my first position there now?