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Hi, I wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants for the Texas Tech Second BSN program. Somewhere we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the TEAS V but i wonder if anyone else... Read More

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    Yes, I heard it from Kayla. I was hoping to hear this week too. Did I read correctly, that interviews are in Austin? I meant to ask Kayla, but forgot. I didn't want to bug her again. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!

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    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I'm glad I found everyone else who are just as anxious and nervous about this! I also applied to Texas Tech for the spring semester... I haven't heard back yet, but I almost can't sleep at night worrying about it! I'm guessing nobody has heard back yet? aldrummond, I am pretty sure they said that the interviews will be in Austin. I have a friend who graduated from the program last year and that is what she told me also, but they may change things this year. Good Luck to everybody!
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    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am also waiting to see if I receive an interview date for the Austin Spring 2013 class. I spoke with Kayla yesterday and she said by the end of next week they will be giving interviews? I just did not clarify if that was the dates they would send out interview dates or if the actual interviews would take place then. Ahhh, I am the same as everyone else, anxiously waiting. Good luck everyone!
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    Hello All,

    Interviews are at the end of October. I believe they are scheduled for the 29, 30, and 31st.
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    Thanks, Mesreves. So do you know when we find out whether we get an interview at all?
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    MrSensitivity, Just curious what this entails: I assume you mean th background check and such? Thanks so much for all your valuable info!!

    "I received the acceptance about 5 business days later. The program coordinators are highly organized. Soon after confirming my intent, I received an email instructing me on Raider student web access and student email. From there a checklist was recieved and instructions on beginning all the other aspects for matriculation. It has been an impressive, fast moving process."
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    The interviews are October 29, 30 & 31 based on the info on the site, so I'm assuming what was told to jewelsarv is that we will receive emails next week. So I'll stop holding my breath everytime I get an email notification (until next week of course lol).
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    Thank you to everyone that congratulated me. I am nervous about this entire process. But have also prepared myself if I do not get an interview
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am happy to announce that I received an email saying I am invited for interviews, I'm nervous, happy, and ecstatic! Check your emails, you should all be receiving something soon =)
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    I just received interview invite as well! I am so excited!!
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