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Texas Tech 2nd Degree BSN - Odessa

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I couldn't find any info on the Texas Tech 2nd Degree Program in Odessa (Permian Basin) so I have decided to start a topic for the Odessa campus. Please share any info regarding the application process, interview, etc.

    I noticed that the Austin and Lubbock locations are more competitive to get in. But how competitive is the Odessa location? Number of available seats (per year) for the Odessa location?
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    Hi!! I also applied for the Odessa program. I was invited to an interview for the 24th of June. You?
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    Hi, I've been accepted to the TTUHSC 2nd degree BSN in Odessa this Fall 2013. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for places to live that are safe and reasonably priced... if possible. I realize the cost of living is high and as far as safety goes, the crime rate is a bit terrifying! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    Hey, Congrats! I am in as well. I live in Midland in the Palms - just moved here in January so I don't know much about Odessa. I know there is an apartment complex that is new and looks nice in Odessa called the Tuscany. Check that out for sure.
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    Hi scbrown85! Thanks and congrats to you, too! I'll have to check that complex out for sure. I thought of looking at apartments in Midland as well. Looking forward to meeting you in boot camp!
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    Hello! I am starting the program in January...I will be moving from Fort Worth to Odessa/Midland..Can y'all give me some advice on living out there? Apartments? The area?
    Thanks y'all! I cannot find anyone that has been accepted to the Odessa campus yet...