Texas Tech 2nd degree BSN - El Paso

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    Did anyone else apply to the Spring 2013 program? Has anyone been called for the interview?

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    Weirdest thing! I got an email saying I had been accepted to EP based on my Austin interview (not accepted, not sure why) but I MUST move to El Paso? Has anyone else received one of these emails? I would imagine El Paso, which accepts 40 out of 140 would have its own waitlist...??? Any insight?
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    Hmm .. that sounds strange I wasn't aware of them sharing applications. But its a good opportunity if you are willing to move! I got accepted as well but I did apply.
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    I got letter of acceptance without interview.
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    @ editundoo, congrats on your acceptance! Did you hear anything yet about the background and immunization requirements? See you on Dec 19.
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    @pasodeblas... thanks and congrats to you as well! I didn't have to interview either, I was so happy about that! I just got an email today about immunizations and some general information. Have you completed a first aid course by any chance? I've been looking for one online but I don't want to choose the wrong one
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    yes i took both at epcc and its a whole day session.
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    I will look into it! Thanks!!! See you December 19th! =)
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    nice to see people who will study with me. i also accepted to Texas Tech 2d degree 2013. Got done immunizations will do titers today and prientation this week on site, then will fax to tech.december 19 we will meet on the meeting i think on Yandell. I am soooo looking forward to meet you guys!!!
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    I got accepted too, however I need to take pathophysiology and the cna class....are you guys having those 2 classes ?
    do u have to move to el paso, if so anybody is intersting to get a house and split the rent 3 ways...that s the cheapest way to do ...answers asap possible...c u all on dec 19

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