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Did anyone else apply to the Spring 2013 program? Has anyone been called for the interview?... Read More

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    @georgesand -- the same situation happened with me. I had already interviewed for the program down here in Austin, and sadly didn't make it in. But a week later got an email about open spots in the El Paso Program. Went ahead and filled out the online app for that program and got in. So looks like I will be moving to El Paso pretty soon here. Glad to see other people are already thinking about housing... I talked to Gretchen a week ago and she said apartments can be hard to come by since there is a military base there, and that some students find it cheaper to split the rent on a house. So I'd definitely be open to finding some roommates and exploring what all is out there. We should get a facebook group going for our Spring 2013 El Paso cohort or something, would be good to have a place to all communicate/meet each other. Congrats to all of you guys and gals and see you on the 19th.

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    congratulations to you guys, I a was in your position last year and know how excited you must be. I am in the graduating class for this dec 15th.
    I am from out of town too, we started a thread about possible roommates in my time and I ended up having a roomate it was way cheaper.
    we stayed in Las Lomas apartments, its 10mins from the school of nursing and tech students get a $10 discount. a 2bed is $680, and 3bed I think abt $800.
    let me know if you have any questions I will be glad to help. congrats again, the program is fun, fast (11months jan 14th-dec15th) and the instructors are great.
    won't be here on the 19th would have loved to say congrats in person.
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    invite me if you guys open a facebook account for our batch!
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    @disperado75 ... Congratulations! I'm finishing my pathophysiology course next week and I completed my cna classes back in september, you might need to talk to Gretchen to see by when you need to have these completed. You do have to El Paso to my understanding since we will have clinicals there
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    @Rnindmakin .... Congrats on your graduation! you must be super excited!

    I have so many questions for you but I will try to keep it down to just a few. =)

    How difficult was it for you to manage your time? Were you able to get scholarships or financial aid? Did you find it difficult having your classes online? Any tips on how to survive the next year? Are all the people you started the program with graduating?

    I'm very nervous about how fast the program is and how well I will be able to do!
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    thank you...and yes I am super excited.

    the first one week was boot camp, and it felt like there was never time for anything, so after that I bought my self a Desk calendar and hung it on the wall. I put in all the due dates and stuff.
    I also bought small organizer, and every sunday I planned my week course by course. I put in assigned chapter and assignments due in the order they where due that way I do not miss a deadline.

    Having the classes online to me was the best experience, I doubt if anybody goes to a class, listen to a lecture and can write and Ace an exam off of that lecture alone, you still have to study on your own anyway, so that was what I did. study on my own. but for difficult to understand concepts I fished for videos on youtube and they helped.

    A lot of people got schorlarships and financial aid, for one reason or the other.
    The biggest tip I would give is study when you still have anxiety and fear of the unknown to boost you.
    A lot of us came down with "senioritis" during the last sememster and it was difficult to really study, but because I had done due dilligence from the begining I was okay as regards my grades.

    unfortunately 2 people dropped from the class at the end of the summer semester and they will be graduating wiht you.

    2.2 Autonomic Pharmacology - YouTube
    one link that really helped me. for pharmacology. he has alot of lecture and they really help us.

    nurses medication study song - YouTube learn this song NOW
    it will come in handy in pharmacology
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    Thank you so much for answering my questions!!! I will defiantly start learning that song and listening to the lectures!

    I have one last question for you, throughout the 11 months did you all have breaks? like spring break, thanksgiving, or any holidays? I'm sure with the limited amount of time to learn stuff they cant give much time off.

    Thanks again!!!!!! =)
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    Hello All-

    I'm applying to Texas Tech 2nd degree-Austin program for Jan 2014 admission. If anyone has completed the program or currently in it, what advice can you offer to ensure I'm a competitive candidate? Thanks in advance!
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    BonnieB35 I realize that this is such a late response to your post but from what I have heard Austin's program is much more competitive. I think as long as you have work/volunteer experience, a great GPA, all pre-reqs completed, and a good TEAS score you have a good chance. I'm not sure how many students they accept there but in El Paso there is only 20 of us, I can also tell you that some people that applied at Austin were offered a spot in El Paso, so if you are accepted and willing to move for a year i think it would be a great opportunity! Good luck!

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