TCU Fall 2012 Traditional BSN

  1. Hello all!!! I will be starting the BSN program at TCU in the fall as a transfer student and I was just wondering if there were any of you out there I could talk to!! I am going to having advising with Zoranna this Friday and was just wondering if anyone else had done so yet...tell me what to expect. Anyway, would love to talk to any and all of my future classmates if you're out there
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  3. by   sarahdanielle14
    I will be there as well! So how did the advising go? Do you mind telling me what to expect from that? I'm also a transfer and new to the TCU campus. I'm so excited to finally see a post related to us!
  4. by   Hamilton32
    The advising went great, Zoranna Jones is very nice, and funny, I felt very comfortable. Basically she just goes over the certain criteria, GPA wise and what we have to do to maintain our position in the program, as well as different resources available to us on campus and in the nursing program itself. Then we talked about the schedule, and she basically mapped out the next 2-1/2 years of my life for me. It was great. I can't wait to get started. She said we will probably have an orientation the Thursday before school starts. My name is Linda, by the way...I am SO glad someone finally responded to this!! Glad to meet you. So you are one of the 24 who got in, huh?? Can you believe that??
  5. by   sarahdanielle14
    Well that is great to hear, so nice to meet you Linda! My name is Sarah. And I am still so flattered to be one of 24! Congratulations to you as well! I can hardly wait...I have been denied once before to nursing school at Texas State and it doesn't feel this feels so great! Did she say where we would be doing clinicals and stuff?
  6. by   Hamilton32
    No, she didn't mention it but I have read enough about it to know that we do a psych rotation at JPS, pediatric rotation at Cook's...etc. Everything we do will be in and around downtown Fort Worth. Where are you from? I have lived in Fort Worth all my life so I am very familiar with the area. This was my first time applying anywhere, so I was very shocked and happily surprised to get accepted. Congratulations to you, Sarah! So, how old are you? She said the program is very diverse age wise and that there are 72 people in the program. They have 9 different sections with 8 students in each section, so those 8 people are going to be spending a lot of time with each other I am 34, single mother of two, my daughter is 14 and my son is 12. I did medical transcription from home for about 10 years and decided I wanted to go to nursing school. So here I am
  7. by   sarahdanielle14
    I will be 21 a week from today, actually! And I grew up in the Austin area, but my family moved to Fort Worth (Haslet) in 2003, so I have been here ever since then! (Except for this past year, I was in San Marcos) But I absolutely love Fort Worth and I really don't want to go anywhere after I graduate And I had an interview at Trinity Springs Psychiatric Hospital in JPS last summer, unfortunately I couldn't take it because I decided to go away to Texas State. It's a very interesting environment though, and I am actually excited about our Psych rotation! And as far as Cooks goes, I can't wait to go there either! I actually am looking into doing their residency next summer. Who knows, we may be in the same clinical group! But you made a fantastic choice to go back to school, you and your kids deserve it!
  8. by   Hamilton32
    Well, happy early birthday!! And thank you so much, I have always wanted to be in the medical field, it was just very hard to go to school and work full time when my kids were smaller, so the last year and a half I have been back in and there ya go!! My grandmother and uncle live in Austin, my parents both went to UT so I am trying hard not to do the Hook'em horns sign on the TCU campus, ha ha!!! Haslet is an awesome area, it's beautiful up there. I live in North Richland Hills. Well, as far as the clinicals go, I am excited to get started with all of it, I feel like a big kid!! LOL. They have 9 different sections, but they have four sections available for transfer students, because we have to take an additional class that the TCU people have already had. It won't mean anything to you now, but when you go to advising you'll understand...I am in section 100/110 so if that one is still open, take it!! I took that one because you don't start until noon on Monday and no school at all on Friday. Long weekend. When do you go meet with Zoranna?
  9. by   sarahdanielle14
    Wow, no school on Friday? That sounds great! I'm meeting with her on Thursday I will definitely see if I can pick that section. And I know what you mean..both of my parents are Baylor grads so I've been around green and gold all my life! But purple is my FAVORITE color and I can't wait to rock those purple scrubs!
  10. by   sarahdanielle14
    Oh, and thanks for the happy early birthday!
  11. by   Hamilton32
    I know, I absolutely love purple!! My office (where I work now) is not far from the TCU campus so every time I am around the campus getting food or whatever, I would see the girls in the purple scrubs and say to myself "That's going to be me someday!!!"...When I decided that I was going to apply to TCU last year, I decided that that's where I wanted to go and if I couldn't get in there, it wasn't meant to be, so I didn't even apply anywhere else. I wear a TCU t-shirt probably three times a week and even rock purple eyeshadow!! HA HA!!! Anyway, I am with you, I can't wait to get into the purple scrubs. Have to go shopping down on 8th and Pennsylvania (that's where we have to go to get our TCU patch and they sell the scrubs there). So what field would you like to specialize in? Any ideas?
  12. by   sarahdanielle14
    Yeah, I've been up there several times and have thought the same thing when I saw nursing students, THAT'S GOING BE ME SOON! And no, I haven't been scrub shopping yet, but I think I'm going to go look after my appointment tomorrow! Sooooooo excited! Well, as far as nursing fields go, I actually got the privilege to work at Seton Family of Hospitals down in Austin and got to experience the psych patient for the first time, and I actually liked it..It's a real challenge. A LOT of nurses don't, but in reality, psych patients are everywhere...they aren't limited to psych hospitals. I worked as like a patient sitter, so I'd go and monitor high risk patients and most of them were psych (suicide watch, alcohol detox, etc). I have sat in the ER, ICU/IMC, Pediatric ER, Telemetry, and Med/Surg. I also did clinical rotations in high school when I got my CNA license. So for sure, I know I love ER, OR, and Psych! What about you?
  13. by   Hamilton32
    I have done some rotations at JPS in the emergency room, and I liked the face-paced nature of it, but I have always wanted to work in OB/GYN. My daughter was born very prematurely and I was only 20 when she was born, so I was young, and afraid, and my OB/GYN nurse at Baylor was the most awesome person and I just always wanted to try to do that for some young scared girl. But, I am interested in doing the CRNA program or maybe nurse practitioner, so I might end up in either the ER or the ICU. It just depends. I haven't done any med/surg rotations but could definitely see myself in the OR. I guess time will tell!!! Ha ha!! All I know is that I definitely want to work in a hospital in downtown Ft. Worth... That's really cool that you enjoy the psych patients, and you're right, a lot don't. I had to deal with a few that came through the ER at JPS, but I was so young when I dealt with them, I was scared, they were combative, some were even under arrest, so it can definitely be a challenge. Let me know how the scrub shopping goes!! I am going to try to go this weekend and see what I can see. Oh, and I asked Zoranna about a stethescope. She said she always tells the girls don't get the cheapest one, but don't get the one that cardiologists use, because you're not a cardiologist!! HA HA. She is quite funny
  14. by   sarahdanielle14
    Oh wow! I am thinking of doing CRNA too! That's why I'm determined to make a 4.0...hehehe. I was with my friend when she had her baby last summer and that was the first experience I had with L&D and I loved it too..gosh..I just love everything! Haha except for med/surg..I think it's boring. I have a really good stethoscope that I got from being a CNA and I like it because you can switch it from adult to pediatric by just switching the chestpiece. The only problem is that it's kinda heavy :/ so I may look at the scrub store and see what they have as well. Did she say anything about shoes?