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Hello all!!! I will be starting the BSN program at TCU in the fall as a transfer student and I was just wondering if there were any of you out there I could talk to!! I am going to having advising... Read More

  1. by   sarahdanielle14
    You're very welcome!! And my stats class is going just fine...ready for it to be over so we can start nursing school! And yes, I took most of my prereqs at TCC NW and TR (which is my favorite campus!) But I also have been to University of Texas at Tyler and Texas State University. I also applied at Texas State's nursing school but didn't get in..but I like TCU better so I'm happy!

    And girl, be careful! I hope you get well soon...what country are you in? I want to go on an international vacation...there are just so many countries I would like to visit! I'm saving up money so that I can spend a summer abroad for my 'global awareness' course.

    Oh, and random said you got your name tag at the bookstore, right? Well I went today and the lady there said you have to order them online then pick them up in the store, but I can't find them on the bookstores website for some reason. Is that how you did it? Other than the name tag, I've got everything else taken care of!
  2. by   MercuryTanana
    Yeah right you have mentioned it in your previous comments :P I have applied to UT Tyler too, and Texas Woman's University, and Notre Dame College in Ohio. I got in to all of them, but I chose TCU cuz I like Fort Worth, still want to spend some more time here :P Well, Vietnam is my country but I have visited some other Asian countries. It's always fun travelling with family and friends ^.^ My hometown is at the middle of Vietnam and it has the most beautiful beach on the world!! (for real! :P ) I'll volunteer to be your tour guide for free if you visit Vietnam, you can stay at my little house too if you don't mind. My mom is very friendly and welcoming, she always loves me bring friends home

    About the namebadge, just go to and look at your left, you'll see namebadges under tab Pages. Click on it, and fill out the boxes, and it should be ready for you in about a week. Mine was very fast, only 3 days afer I ordered. It cost $12 for the magnetic.

    I'm kinda nervous though, cuz I have neither knowledge nor experience with hospital or healthcare stuff before :uhoh21: it might take double times of works than other people for me to catch up things... Well, it's okay!! I stay positive even when I'm lame Hope I could be able to walk normally again before school starts, though...
  3. by   sarahdanielle14
    Wow, that's awesome! Especially because out of all of those schools you picked TCU... And yes, Vietnam sounds awesome! It's a plan!

    Thanks for the badge info! I guess I completely missed that part of the webpage :P

    And don't be nervous, this program is designed for people who have no background in health care. I've worked and volunteered in hospitals before and for the most part, people are really nice and help you out a lot! Occasionally you will come across a rude doctor or nurse, but those are the people that aren't happy with their lives because they chose nursing for just the money and not because they love it. You will see so many things, things you've never seen, and you will never be able to say you've seen it all! (especially in psych, I worked with psych patients) But it will be great, and we all have each other to study with and keep each other sane!
  4. by   camkynna05
    Hey Ladies, I'm looking forward to putting faces with names on Thursday. Are you all bringing anything specific with you (maybe something to write in/on)? Also, does anyone know where we are suppose to park? Just few food for thought questions.

    Looks like this is our last week of summer. Has anyone started reading or looking over the textbooks? If so which one's?

    Thanks, Amy
  5. by   sarahdanielle14
    Hey Amy!

    I am definitely going to bring a journal to write in, I'm sure there is going to be a lot of information to write down. As far as parking, if you have your parking pass already you can park in one of the commuter lots, that's what I'm going to do (I have to look at the map tomorrow to know exactly where those are lol)

    I can't believe it's less than a week before nursing school starts. Where did the summer go?? I have flipped through all the books and I am terrified..especially for pharm. What about you? Have you started reading?

    See you all on Thursday!!
  6. by   camkynna05
    Hi Sarah,

    I've tried to avoid looking at the textbooks, so I don't get overwhelmed. What section did you end up in?

    Have you already gotten your student ID? I thought I might take care of that tomorrow after orientation. I'm going to try to get to the Police dept. when it opens at 7:30 to pick up my parking pass. Did it take you very long?
  7. by   sarahdanielle14
    I am in section 101/111. And yes, I got my student ID and parking pass last week, it only took a couple minutes! You should be able to pick those 2 things up pretty quickly after orientation tomorrow. I am still waiting on my name tag, they're taking FOREVER! I'm now just sitting here trying to decide what to wear tomorrow! Lol
  8. by   nadnad1992
    did anyone here take any classes at uta before you went to tcu? im transferring over and im trying to figure out if tcu will take a transfer of patho and pharm... but no one knows lol and i kind of really need to in order to find out what i need to register for THANKS!
  9. by   nadnad1992
    did anyone here take any classes at uta before you went to tcu? im transferring over and im trying to figure out if tcu will take a transfer of patho and pharm... but no one knows lol and i kind of really need to in order to find out what i need to register for THANKS!