Tarleton Fall 2013 Nursing Applicants

  1. Hey, guys! Just wanted to see if there's anyone out there applying to Tarleton's BSN program for fall 2013. Deadline just passed (2/1). I called to make sure they had all my materials, since there's not really any response involved with the school; didn't go without trouble, but it turned out okay in the end. So now the wait begins!
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  3. by   Abbybeaucolby

    I turned my application in a few weeks ago. Do you have any idea when we are supposed to find out about acceptance? I'm guessing around the beginning or middle of April.
  4. by   CCtech
    Yay, someone else is out there! On their website it says they will send out email acceptances in "early April"...did you apply to any other schools?
  5. by   Abbybeaucolby
    I am also putting an application in at Midwestern. I hope I get into Tarleton, though. I'm already down here and really like it. This is going to be the longest month and a half of my life. How about you?
  6. by   CCtech
    Really? I put in an app to MSU, but not for nursing, for their respiratory care program.

    I go to TCC in the Fort Worth/Arlington area currently; how is Tarleton? I know it's a small campus, but I'm wondering about the country/cowboy vibe there...like, what is Tarleton known for, really? What do you like about going there?
  7. by   Abbybeaucolby
    I just transferred from TCC Northwest to Tarleton this semester. It's a great school. Everyone is really nice. There is definitely a country/cowboy vibe down here. I love coming here. I just hope to get into the nursing school so that I can stay down here. I know their nursing school is really good.