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TAMIU... F.M. Canseco SON

  1. 0 Hi... Is there anyone attending or will be attending Texas A&M International University in the spring of 07 for nursing school? I would really like to start networking... you know like what should I expect and have some questions answered. I also just moved back to the area after 5 long years of being aways so im a bit nervous... anywho see yall around buh bye!!
    -School Starts the 16th.... im going to rock it!!!
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    Hey... How was your experience at TAMIU?
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    This my new screen name... I graduated in 09 right on time... I rocked it... The faculty is amazing... But u need hard work and dedication... Hit me up if u have other questions
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    Oh. Wow Thanks!!! I have a bunch of questions!!! I'm not sure how to pm/ or send an email yet but I'll figure it out soon. And congrats!!!
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    Wow!! So happy to FINALLY see someone else post a thread about TAMIU! I graduate with my BSN from there Saturday! It is REALLY tough....but thank God I made it. It's strange because I didn't even know this school existed at the beginning of my NS application days.... but now people are just now starting to find out about this school. But it's still pretty unknown. Good luck to you nightingale, and feel free to ask me anything as well.! Jude, where do you work and how was your transition from student to RN? I'm going to go back to Houston, post grad.
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    Congrats on ur upcoming graduation... But u need to keep doing ur questions at least 25-50 with rationales daily until nclex... As fOr transitioning it went pretty smoothely for me but I know other class mates that took a while to adjust... U just need to find the area u r most comfortable with... I now work on the 2nd floor at lmc and I am proud to say I enjoy it and I'm already a charge nurse of the 31 bed telemetry unit... Don't hesitant and do all u can do during ur preceptorship and ull do great...
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    Quote from Nightingalewannabe
    Oh. Wow Thanks!!! I have a bunch of questions!!! I'm not sure how to pm/ or send an email yet but I'll figure it out soon. And congrats!!!
    You will be able to send PMs once you have 15 posts.
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    Are you going to apply nightengale?
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    Please can you share more info on this University, im applying for fall 2012 and I stay in houston, moving there is not a problem but I just want to know more about the nursing school