Spring 2013 El Centro College ADN - page 4

Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

  1. by   Yankees77
    @morganb - always a packed room, lol, seems like everyone is majoring in nursing. It was a mix, couple 18-19 & a few 40+. I've heard the Spring is not as competitive as the fall - so hopefully that will help us get 2 out of the 60 NL spots.
  2. by   MorganB
    From your hands to God's ears, I pray so. Today I turned in my request for math course substitution. Tomorrow I go in for a physical. CPR class is next weekend so it seems to be coming together.I had my hep B last week, and number 2 is coming up in a bit and then I have to have all these titers done so Lord help us all that are trying to apply for Spring this is hectic lol.
  3. by   Yankees77
    I'm right there with you. I just had my physical today & varicella titer. Tomorrow is vaccine day - lol -1st hep b & another measles. CPR and hesi are done, thank goodness. I can't believe how stressful it is just getting the pack together.
  4. by   Crysj06
    This is definately stressful! I am also applying for Spring 2013. I have 17 points without the Hesi. I'm shooting for 28 points. I have everyything done except my HESI and CPR. I'm doing both in August. I really don't think it will be as competitive trying to get into the program this spring since the requirements changed all of a sudden. I'm so anxious! October can't get here fast enough! Good luck and God bless us all!
  5. by   Wyrm74
    Those of you that still need shots, keep in mind that you can visit your local county health office and get them for about $20 per shot. They are much more than that at your primary care providers office. Often times, getting shots is cheaper than getting titers too! Good luck all. I am starting this fall!
  6. by   MorganB
    Thanks for the heads up wyrm! Crysj06 how did you do on the hesi and where did you take it? I am studying for it daily well almost daily and have really no clue what to expect for a&p...any suggestions besides studying the second half of a&p....unrealistic for me.
  7. by   Wyrm74
    Morgan if you just buy the Hesi study book you should do fine. I took mine at the El Centro Paramount building testing center. The A&P section is MUCH easier if you've taken 1 & 2 already. If you haven't taken 2 yet, I would become familiar with the endocrine system. I was actually surprised at how easy the test was. I studied for all of 2 or 3 days and got a 97. Your computer will have a calculator available for the math portion, so if you know how to use it you will do fine. I would also probably plan on taking the test more than once if necessary to improve your score. Don't stress too much, its a pretty easy test. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   Crysj06
    Morgan, I'm taking the Hesi in August at the Paramount building at El Centro. I've checked out 3 Nursing entrance exam books that I have been studying from for about 2 months. I also bought an A&P & math study guide/review that has been VERY helpful!! I've takin the test twice before without the A&P section. It's really not that bad if you study the Hesi Evolve book. Make sure you know ALL of the vocabulary words and definitions from the book.
  9. by   Shasha32
    Hey, does anyone know somewhere cheap to get the Varicella vaccine? They are 110.00 at the health dept. which is the cheapest place I've found. So that will be 220.00 total.
  10. by   Yankees77
    Hi Shasha - that seems very high for the health department. Which one did you visit? It should no more than $20 per shot. I just had the varicella titer & it cost $20 - that's an option - but you must have had chicken pox in the past.
  11. by   Shasha32
    I called the Dallas County health dept and that's how much they said it is for each dose of Varicella. I was shocked too. I havent had chicken pox so the titer wont work for me. The 110. 00 is the student price also
  12. by   Yankees77
    Wow ! I wonder why it's so expensive ? The Hep B was $25 each. Im going to the Denton Co Health Dept this week for my Hep shot. I'll ask about the varicella & let you know.
  13. by   Wyrm74
    I got mine at the Denton County health office for $20. In fact, ALL the shots were $20 there and I had all of them done at DCHO. They pretty much don't check to see if you're a resident of Denton County either. At least, they never asked me.