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Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished business. I'm super excited about... Read More

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    can you please add me to 2013 ADN? shelsuth@gmail.com.
    Thank you

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    Hey Shelby, I can't find you on FB with that email.
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    Congrats to you all !!!! I'm having to retake Algebra - long story. Good luck !! For all those that didn't get in, I feel your pain, I'm starting the thread for 13 Fall. Keep the faith !!
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    Does anyone here know if el centro accepts A&P2 (with lab) from Straighterline? I emailed them asking but still no answer...
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    Hey flowerpowernow, No el centro does not accept straighter line credits unless u come from a military background I had taken college algebra via straighter line and they did not transfer it over sobi had to go back and take it at el centro.
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    Hey guys I just got accepted into the el centro spring 2013 nursing program and I wanted to know how I can be added on the Facebook for nursing
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    Does anyone have words of wisdom in reference to the immunization requirements etc....it's complicated while going through the packet. For example, I had my tb screening at the hospital where I volunteer but now I need a physician's signature? A random nurse did it. Help please! I can't believe a simple mistake on this would disqualify me.
    Can we use our old medical records from childhood?? Is there a cheap way if getting this all done??
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    Am trying to start the blog for EL CENTRO 2013 FALL BUT I DONT KNOW HOW LOL
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    Quote from Louis0111
    Am trying to start the blog for EL CENTRO 2013 FALL BUT I DONT KNOW HOW LOL
    try www.blogger.com - which i think you can link to your gmail account if you have one.
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    Is anyone taking HPRS 1204 445 to 9pm at ECC starting 5/20? I'm really nervous for this class and was hoping to have a friend going into it. If anyone is, email me at janwaysam@hotmail.com
    My name is Samantha thanks!

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