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Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

  1. by   Christina Yanes
    Quote from thomasphan
    My best advice is to take the test as many as possible and write down the questions because some of them will repeat! That's how I made 100 on AP section lol.
    Do you still have the a&p questions you wrote down? If yes can you send them to me?
  2. by   shawnswife
    Hello Everyone!

    I am also planning to apply for Spring 2013. I decided nursing was for me in March, and have been rushing and trying to get all of my eggs in a row since then. So I am trying to rack up as many points as possible before the application deadline. If everything goes well, and I do well on the HESI, I am in line for 21 points. :-( Not as good as I hoped because I am a little worried about being still competitive with only 21 points... How many points is everyone aiming for?
  3. by   thomasphan
    Quote from Christina Yanes
    Do you still have the a&p questions you wrote down? If yes can you send them to me?
    I'm sorry I didnt keep any questions
  4. by   MorganB
    I have 18 points without the HESI if my 5 year course waiver is granted, if it isn't granted then I will have 17 points. I plan to take the HESI starting in two weeks, so we shall see. My goal and prayer is 28 points. Shawnswife I think 21 points may just work heck you never know, I say go for it. I really think the change will bring the number of apps down for the Spring semester just because so many people were caught off guard. Now for fall 2013 it may a different ball game all together.
  5. by   MorganB
    Thomas you are applying for El Centro right?
  6. by   thomasphan
    Quote from MorganB
    Thomas you are applying for El Centro right?
    I actually will be start the program this fall.
  7. by   MorganB
    Okay Thomas so do you have the reading list yet ?
  8. by   thomasphan
    Quote from MorganB
    Okay Thomas so do you have the reading list yet ?
    Did you mean the list of textbooks? You can go to majors book store website and look up for the textbooks package of El Centro .
  9. by   shawnswife
    Thanks Morgan!

    Yeah, I'm going to apply! If 21 isn't enough, that gives me more time to gain points from completing more classes. I am switching majors from accounting, so all of this is new to me :-) And like you said, I'm hoping the new points system will help me by bringing the number of applicants down. I am so nervous, and can not wait to have my application packet turned in...
  10. by   MorganB
    What classes are you taking this summer? Have you taken HPRS 1204? What campus are you shooting for Elcentro or Northlake? There's so much to do and so little time. I go to sleep thinking have I done this that and the other. Like you I just want to turn in my application. Prayerfully I can get mine in by August the 25th. I almost want to sit down with someone to make sure I have everything lol. Nerve racking!
  11. by   Yankees77
    @shawnswife - 21 may very well be the magic number, stay positive. I just went to the info session yesterday & for fall 12 they let people in with as little as 13pts, granted that's based on the old 20pt system.
  12. by   Yankees77
    @morgan b - good look on the hesi - 28 pts is very competitive & shld secure you a spot. Which location are you picking? I'm going for Northlake, but will take either.
  13. by   MorganB
    Hey Y77 I am really shooting for northlake since we live in Coppell but if its Elcentro I'll be just as happy. Were there a lot of people at the ifo session and what was everyone saying? Older crowd younger crowd mix?