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So, you're thinking of moving to Texas? Welcome to the well-established club, because many others have made the exact same move over the past few years. Although the state is still second to California in total population, Texas... Read More

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    When I posted the question about those places taking new grads, it was not for me. I have 11 years of experience and just decided I needed a change! Change was Texas! I still feel hospitals should give new Grads the chance, why not get hem before they have bad habits! LOL good Luck to all!!

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    As a new grad with no CNA experience I consider myself extremely lucky to have landed a job at a major hospital in the Texas Medical Center but I know many of my classmates have not faired as well. Our professors told us that a nursing job was a nursing job and to get whatever we can to begin our careers - quote "where you start is not where you will end". We were also given the advice to apply at smaller hospitals in outlaying cities. I thought there was a huge nursing shortage until halfway through my nursing program...Ha...if nurses with experience are having difficult times finding jobs than you can imagine the nightmare new grads are experiencing.
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    I just graduated with my ADN in May from a Minnesota college. Passed boards June 4th obtaining my North Dakota RN license. I sent out hundreds of resumes down in the Dallas and Houston area (I knew I wanted to move to Texas). I got an interview in Webster, TX. Which is like 20-30 miles south of Houston. I got the job instantly!! I am loving the area, and cannot wait to start my new job on Monday!

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