San jacinto college lvn spring 2013

  1. Just wanted some support from all who are applying to San Jacs lvn spring program! I already turned in my application with a score of 88 on the Hesi. I'm on pins and needles!! 😁
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  3. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Hi, did you apply to the South campus? I applied for the South campus with a 92.67% on the Hesi. I hope I get in.
  4. by   drea930
    Yes I applied to south. This is going to be a long two week wait! Lol
  5. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    I know! Lol. The lady that took my application and supporting documents, told me that she would try to notify applicants, at least by the second week of Nov.
  6. by   drea930
    Yes the 8 and 9. Have you applied before? This is my first try.
  7. by   drea930
    Yes the 8th and 9th of next month. Is this your first time applying? It's my first try.
  8. by   drea930
    Yea the 8th and 9th. Is this your first time applying? It's my first try.
  9. by   drea930
    Sending messages from my phone and didnt realize they were going through and don't know how to delete! Lol
  10. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    No worries. I'm not sure how to delete as well. This is my first time applying to the program. I heard that the lvn program is pretty good at San Jac. I wanted to apply to the Rn program, but it's so competitive, and I can't waste anymore time waiting around.
  11. by   drea930
    Yes I've heard good things about it too. And I hear ya! I need to starry working sooner rather than later. Well good luck
  12. by   craigory37
    I applied on 10/25/12 for the South Campus. This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life! I made a 92 on the HESI, so hopefully I get some good news on 11/08 or 11/09!
  13. by   drea930
    That's a great score! Good luck to you!
  14. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Thanks! Same to you!