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San jacinto college lvn spring 2013 - page 3

Just wanted some support from all who are applying to San Jacs lvn spring program! I already turned in my application with a score of 88 on the Hesi. I'm on pins and needles!! 😁... Read More

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    On 01/14/13 I believe. And we have orientation on 12/05.
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    I applied to San Jacinto North LVN program for Spring 2013, just took the HESI today. Has anyone found out whether or not they were accepted? I read some of the posts but not sure if the acceptance was for the north campus or ?
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    This post is for the south campus
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    I just got a call today and I'm accepted into the program!! I'm so excited and happy!!
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    So happy for you! I knew someone would decline! Congratulations! See you next week at orientation!