San jacinto college lvn spring 2013 - page 2

Just wanted some support from all who are applying to San Jacs lvn spring program! I already turned in my application with a score of 88 on the Hesi. I'm on pins and needles!! 😁... Read More

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    I applied on 10/25/12 for the South Campus. This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life! I made a 92 on the HESI, so hopefully I get some good news on 11/08 or 11/09!

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    That's a great score! Good luck to you!
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    Thanks! Same to you!
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    Thanks! Same to you!
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    Just got my acceptance letter!
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    Me too!!!!!! So excited! Ive been checing m e-mail every 5 minutes like a crazy person! Congratulations to you!
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    Yay!!! Thanks, and congrats to you as well!!!
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    Congrats!! I got wait listed :/
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    I know this sounds bad, but maybe someone will declne their acceptance or not pass the background check! :/
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    Dont lose hope. I'm sure you'll get accepted.

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