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Hi! I have interviews next week for the Methodist internship. One is medsurg at Methodist Metropolitan and the other one is surgical at the Specialty and Transplant hospital. Any info about either of those? Or info about... Read More

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    Best of luck

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    Hi guys, sorry it took me so long to reply! I worked at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Surgical floor for 1 year. The internship helped because you got to review equipment, and some nursing school stuff. I quit (without even having another job yet) because I couldn't take it anymore. No one helped anyone, Charge nurses helped sometimes but played around most of the time or were incompetent. They only care about patient satisfaction and not at all about the nurses. Techs refused to do their jobs, although they were understaffed. New manager came in, who is really great but she has a LOT of mess to clean up from the previous manager. Hopefully, things will get better there. But when I left at the beginning of July, 2 other nurses had just left and 2 more left after me. Friends that still work there hate it. But I do hear the night staff is much better. Hope this helps!
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    I had my peer interview today in the NICU. I think it went really well....Now the waiting begins.
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    Sadly I was never called back for the internship but I did apply and was hired for the Southwest General New Grad program =]
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    I applied too to SWG, but they canceled my interview because I don't have my BSN yet.

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