San Antonio College Fall 2013 Questions?

  1. Hi, I applied for SAC's Fall 2013 program. I'm currently living out of town so its been hard for me to get detailed information of the program. How do the Flexes work. You attend only one flex or the other? Does this mean you are only in school 16 weeks out of the year. I'm so confused about this. And what are the day class schedules like (#days/times)?

    One more thing. for vaccine and CPR verification are these submitted along with the application or just after you get an acceptance offer.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!
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  3. by   angelicaLVN2RN
    The eight wk courses are back to back

    & the background check, immunizations, & CPR are to be turned in when you get conditionally accepted. Hopefully by June 18th
    I hope this helps, I also applied for fall 2013
  4. by   kamishamitchell
    Just adding to what angelicarod90 said...Make sure that your Hep B series is finished. From my understanding, you either get accepted for Flex 1 or Flex 2 - which is a later start date- but this does not change the 2 years it will take to finish the program. I don't know about the days or times because just like you...I applied for Fall 2013! Omg I am so anxious right now! :-) Hopefully we will be Nursing students together!
  5. by   Cene1220
    I just applied for the fall semester as well very excited and nervous at the same time. Do you get to pick which flex you get into? And has anyone heard of project cuidar?
  6. by   Meeh619
    I applied for the fall also but it's my second choice school. I got an email from that cuidar program but couldn't find anything on them. I wanna say that they are like this program SAC used to have or maybe still does called project quest they help low income students with books and materials for school.

    I emailed the lady from project cuidar about those nursing summer classes but all she said was that they go towards your nursing but I think it's CNA classes I could be wrong.