pvamu fall 2012 BSN applicants - page 5

hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

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    Getting a letter over SB would be awesome. Like you Sara I turned everything in early which just prolonged the wait time .

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    well you know you are in...they call you and told you so!
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    They actually open during SB. I called and went there to turn it my document today. I know I turn in everything late, but I really hope I can get in this time. Just try to keep my head up!!!

    Does anyone know how many apps PVAM will accept this fall?
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    about 100-110
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    I don't know for sure, if i was accepted. She asked if they have a summer class would i be available to do it. So i'm just hoping they were considering my app and thats why they called...I still need 14 hours of classes which I am enrolled in now so I'm hoping that does not disqualify me
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    sorry i jumped the gun
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    Anyone hear anything?
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    No, not yet. Did you get a date they were mailing letters?
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    I'm IN!!!!
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    Wow when did you find out?! They told me today letters had not been sent out

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