pvamu fall 2012 BSN applicants - page 15

hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

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    Great! Can you please tell me where it is?

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    Congrats. Took forever! Must be a nervous reck! Don't forget to join the FB page!
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    rediclinics are in most HEB's
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    yes i was a nervous wreck! haha, but thanks are any of y'all going to take a class( health assessment, or pathophysiology ) in the summer?
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    @rn I really want to but not sure how we go about it, do you know?@lvn-bsn thanks!
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    uhm, the lady who is over semester 1 which is the coordinator, I think she is going to have a meeting with everyone who got accepted and offer that option to us. I'm not sure when though, but it have to be before summer. people who is in the Nursing school already strongly recommended it, so I'm a take a class
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    I'll take patho and vital skill (an elective) someone in the program says u get an email that gives u the info
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    oh okay, i guess at main campus its different.. yeah I'm taking health assessment and vital skills (:
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    All of the nursing school is in houston
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    oh no, when i said main campus i meant at pv main campus, thats where i go

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