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hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

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    I'm confused.. confirmation email for orientation aug 7, right? The email from Marshay that i got has a Confirmation Card to print... did y'all get that email?
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    I haven't gotten any kind of confirmation email at all
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    Hm, i would def check up on it! 'cause I received that New Student Orientation Confirmation email April 17
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    Ok, for anyone who hasn't gotten a confirmation email for august 7, you should call and ask what's up. I called and they said they'd send me an email since I never got mine.
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    to anyone doing fafsa: have you been rewarded your financial aid in PV place yet or do you have unsatisfied requirements? anyone satisfied all their requirements?
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    i satisfied all my requied all requirments but not eligible for grants
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    Long time no talk. I had a question. Tomorrow is orientation at the main campus. Does anyone know exactly what we'll be doing until 2 PM? I'm not looking forward to driving an hour out to Prairie View, Texas :[
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    We HAVE I go even tho we have already registered
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    hey guys its funny how we went thru this together and never met up lol. i met as far as i know two of u. cha pa and my buddy rn to be.