pvamu fall 2012 BSN applicants - page 2

hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

  1. by   BNA_Houston
    Either that or not many allnurses.com fans LOL. When I turned my paperwork in to LVN-BSN coordinator she said a lot of people wait to the last minute to apply
  2. by   saraiish
    hummm a very bad idea, with PV's first come first serve policy, lets hope thats to our advantage
  3. by   ReneeMorg
    how long did it take to receive your supplemental application after turning in your packet?
  4. by   saraiish
    It took a while because something was wrong with my packe
  5. by   ReneeMorg
    thats what im afraid of. Should I be calling and checking up?
  6. by   saraiish
    I call and go over there all the time its the best way to get things done
  7. by   ReneeMorg
    thank you!!! i'll call them today
  8. by   saraiish
    Good luck, be sure to share with the forum about how it all goes
  9. by   ReneeMorg
    Finally got in touch with them. They gave me the info for taking the HESI test. She said the ID for the test is on my acceptance letter from the main campus. So I'll be taking it next week. *crosses finger*
  10. by   saraiish
    To u have the main campus acceptance letter? Best of luck and take your time to study but you have till March 1st to take it cuz that's the deadline
  11. by   ReneeMorg
    Yea I have the main campus acceptance letter. Thankfully Ive been studying bit by bit for the exam for over a month now. What is the purple application? Ive seen it come up throughout the thread
  12. by   saraiish
    The purple letter is the upper division nursing letter all this stuff is to get the nursing application letter (purple) you get that after you pass your hesi and met all requirements, passed hesitate, 2.75 GPA, 45 hours extra.
  13. by   BNA_Houston
    Hey guys still no activity?? Wow. I was asked to start in the summer so MAYBE I was accepted, hopefully.