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hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

  1. by   cha_pa
    confirmation email about what?? i still need to check/figure out my panthers email/id/ whatever it is. Lol yikes!! Definitely need to get on it..

    what's everyone else's status right now?
  2. by   knguyen9740
    I've got my student id and email now. I signed up for the orientation but I never received anything kind of confirmation email.
  3. by   cha_pa
    knguyen, did they ever mail you your login PIN/pw?
    I have my ID number and email from the pvamu acceptance mail but trouble getting my login PIN/pw

    did everyone complete and turn in their mandatory requirement cover page for meningitis documentation? somethin' talkin' about the deadline is july 10, 2012 and we can't register for classes w/o the required documentation.. blablabla.. ha
  4. by   LobstAr
    Shouldn't they let us know if all our papers are correct? Sigh. They're supposed to send us an orientation confirmation email, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. by   knguyen9740
    cha_pa, i've received my ID number and email from the acceptance packet from the main campus. then a week later I received my login PIN. This was a few weeks ago. I went ahead and signed up for the orientation but i never received confirmation about the orientation though. After looking at the packet, I guess we register for class during orientation but i'm not sure. does anyone else have any ideas?
  6. by   saraiish
    was really starting to get worried when i did not get a confirmation email, for orientation, seems nobady has tho from the people i have askes. and you have to email Ms A and ask her if every thing is complete and hold that as confirmation, but i think is anything was wrong they would have sent you an email by now.
  7. by   saraiish
    summer classes are closing up so u guys should try to register as soon as possible and pls join the FB group
  8. by   LobstAr
    What summer classes are there and how do we sign up?
  9. by   cha_pa
    the last email i received was from Smith a/b Summer School which i'm not doing any summer classes. how 'bout y'all?

    the email before that was from Marshay.. New Student Orientation Confirmation.. I haven't completed the tasks at the bottom of that email... has anyone turned in that meningitis documentation already??
  10. by   LobstAr
    Was it the grind summer program?
  11. by   cha_pa
    what's the fb group name again? I just joined PVAMU Nursing Students. lol
  12. by   cha_pa
    Um, the email a/b summer classes had 4 attachments to it. I skimmed through it, didn't see anything that said "Grind Summer Program" but i think i've heard it referred to as that
  13. by   knguyen9740
    So has anyone gotten their confirmation for the Orientation? I went ahead a sent and email to nso@pvamu.edu asking about the confirmation. Hopefully I'll get a reply soon.