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    Hi Everyone, I am taking the PSB for Collin's nursing program next week and I cannot find any information on the time limits for each section. Anybody know? Also any info about the exam would be great! Oh and also are calculators allowed? Thanks

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    Okay well I took the exam today and here are the time limits in case anyone needs them. The time limits make finishing the test difficult especially since Collin does the PSB on paper and there is no digital timer in the room, just a clock but when under that much stress it's hard to pay attention to the hands. I would recommend bringing a watch with you to keep track of timing, so mad I didn't think of this! Overall, I found the exam easy I will go into more detail below. I do not know my results yet and hate that I have to wait 2 weeks!

    - Academic Aptitude: 35 minutes, 90 Questions
    There is no calculator allowed but you totally do not need it. This section was really easy, however I was not able to finish the entire thing. I left about 5 blank because I lost track of time.

    - Spelling: 15 Minutes, 50 Questions. This section was hard for me just because I have never seen many of the words. I will say that knowing the spelling rules would probably help with this section. I got many of the words because of studying from the NLN Review Book. Had more than enough time to go back over everything.

    - Reading Comprehension: 15 Minutes, 40 Questions
    Ahhh the dreaded reading comp section. I totally freaked out on this section and was unable to finish it all, I left about 10 blank. I do think it is totally possible to finish this section though. Many review books and people say not to read the entire section, but I do not recommend this because the passages are small and densely packed with information. I read the first 2 passages and thought I should skim for the last - total mistake- I would have finished it if I had just read it, just my opinion though. I recommend practicing with a timer from the review books, but don't worry too much because the book passages are much longer than any of the passages I had.

    - Science: 30 Minutes (maybe 35 can't remember), 90 Questions
    I loooovved this section! By far my favorite. The PSB science section was way better than the TEAS V which I had to take for TWU. The PSB science section focused on things you would need to know as a nurse like biology and A&P. There was some electrical questions and some chemistry too, but not much. This was very basic and I had time to go back over any I was worried about.

    - Vocational Adjustment: 15 Minutes, 90 Questions
    This section doesn't require any studying, super easy, was able to finish with time left over.

    Okay well that's all I can think of for now. Let me know if you have any questions cause I know there are so few posts about the PSB at Collin.
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    Okay Hopefully someone is reading this thread LOL. I got my results today and could not be happier! Got all 6 points!!! So with that I only got 20 of the reading comp questions right and still scored a in the 78th percentile so do not worry. So excited because I have all 16 points! Woohoo! After getting back my results the exam is super easy so just study and do not worry about it you will do fine. Hope this helps someone out there!
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    Great job!!! Did you apply for Fall 2012? I did and I have 15 points! Hopefully we will both get in!!!!!
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    Thanks! Yeah I applied for Fall 2012, I hope we get in too! I think we should be both be proud of our grades and hardwork and usually all 15's and 16's get in so I think we're good. I'm still anxious though, I will feel relaxed until the letter is in my hand lol.
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    Hey girl! I got in!!!! Did you?
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    Hey! Yeah I did get in!!!! So relieved. I was on vacation so once I saw your post I had someone run and check my mail lol. Congrats!!!
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    thanks for the advices you mentioned above i will be applying the dental hygiene program it requires psb test as well! im freaked outttt!!!! and congrats!!!!
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    @ [COLOR=#003366]hb08491[/COLOR] Hi! I noticed you said you had 15 points and got into the program.. if you don't mind me asking.. how many points of that was from the PSB?? I too have 15 pts but have 5 from PSB & applied for Fall 2013.

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