Possible Relocation TNtoTX(DFW area)

  1. Hi all this is my very first post on AN! I am currently enrolled in a BSN program in TN and will be graduating next August 2012! I know this is a little early to be thinking about relocating, but I just like to plan ahead! So here's the run down...I know the nursing market is tight pretty much everywhere, but I really want a change of scenery and why not do that with my new career!? Now it's safe to say that I wouldn't have too much trouble finding a job where I am (Memphis,Tn) with the different connections I've made at various hosiptals throughout the city, but I just really really want to branch out and try out another city! So I've done some research and narrowed down my choices to the DFW area and a few other southern cities! What I really want to know is where are the best hospitals to work in the area that are friendly to new grads and the best areas to live! I am willing to commute up to an hour, work nights, and don't mind starting out on a med-surg floor! I KNOW IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO LAND A JOB IN THE DFW area, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE! So let me have it....the good, the bad, and the ugly!

    P.S. I would NEVER move without a job contract in hand!
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  3. by   meggo
    I'm glad you've done the research so it won't come as much of a shock when I tell you that DFW doesn't have enough GN jobs to support the new grad population here. There are also lots of new grads (like me) moving here fighting for these same spots.

    Most corporations (HCA, Baylor, THR, Methodist) own several hospitals in the DFW area and many of these larger facilities do have internship programs. Parkland in Dallas also offers many internships. Do some searches on this site and you will find lists of every hospital in the area as well as many other tips on getting a job here.

    In all honesty it is going to be extremely difficult for you to move down here with a signed contract in hand but if you are willing to come down here to interview and such while in school it's not impossible. Think about why a hospital would want to choose you instead of someone who is a "sure thing" that already lives here... experience, GPA, BSN, attitude. (When I applied to internships before having a TX address I got about 2% as much interest as when I actually lived here and applied.) You will also need to apply early so find out when the internships will be posted and keep in touch with recruiters as they are the key to getting in the door.

    Good luck in school!
  4. by   meggo
    Oh and welcome to the site! I wanted to add that I'm really glad to see that you don't mind driving, working nights, and working on floors that some may consider less desirable - that attitude will greatly help you land a job
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    Thanks so much for the info! And I don't mind driving down to do interviews while still in school, and I definitely will begin applying a few months before graduation! Also exactly how do the internships work there because where I am they are for nursing students only and not new grads, and what areas would you recommend living in? Once again thanks a bunch for your response!
  6. by   meggo
    An internship is just what they call the orientation / training period here. They are geared toward GNs and RNs with little to no experience. (A GN is someone who has graduated from nursing school but hasn't taken their license yet.) The unit you are hired on to will shape your internship... some last around 10 weeks and others are 7+ months. Also keep in mind that internships are offered in a wide variety of specialties so if you love something try to get experience there and then apply to all of that specialty. Hospitals like Parkland and Denton Regional also offer unique programs like their intensive care internships in which you are rotated to more than one ICU specialty before you are selected to work on a specific unit.

    Internships are great because you aren't "thrown to the sharks" right away but instead have a combination of classroom and hands on learning. You also have a preceptor to work with you as you work on becoming a confident and competent RN.

    Most internships start just twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter. Applications generally go up as early as March for the summer spots and October for the January ones. Most hospitals are very strict about not hiring new grads into any positions other than internships but places like urgent care centers and (from what I hear) some nursing homes will hire new grads.

    DFW offers a surprising variety so it depends on what you like. You can live in the heart of Dallas or be surrounded by fields, it just depends on what you prefer. There are also some beautiful brand new neighborhoods and shopping areas out by Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Irving, and many charming older areas scattered around.
  7. by   TenderLoveNCare
    Thanks a bunch! I feel more informed now!