Parkland L&D Residency 2012 Interview

  1. I applied for the L&D 2012 residency at Parkland and found out on March 8th that I got an interview. Has anyone else had their interview, or know how soon before you hear back from them after the interview? Also, does anyone know how many people they usually hire? I really want the job, but I know how competitive it is! Any feedback about the residency and hiring process would be much appreciated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   Britanni07
    How did your interview go? I found out today that I got an interview! do you know how many residents they plan on hiring, or when they will make their decisions by?
  4. by   GoMavs
    Thats awesome! My interview went really well I think, there are just sooo many applicants so I am trying not read into it one way or the other. They said they were taking between 15-17! which is great cause in years past they have only taken 4-8! Hope your interview goes well, look forward to hearing about it!
  5. by   GoMavs
    How did your interview go? I heard they were making decisions this week! Hopefully we will know something soon!
  6. by   ScarryBear,RN
    I see a great deal of posts about residencies and internships on the Texas topic board. I am moving from Pa to Texas this summer and have two years of experince. What is everyone talking about, I'm confused? Is this for new grads or is anytime you change your scope of nursing? (ex. from oncology to ICU) Is this going to affect me getting a job?
  7. by   GoMavs
    Depends on the hospital. Most Internships are for New Grads. some hospitals require you to apply for a residency if you want to change your scope of practice but not all. The residency just means there will be classroom time and clinical time, but you still get payed as if you were a nurse on the floor. They are usually about 6-10 weeks. It should not affect you getting a job if you have experience.
  8. by   ScarryBear,RN
    Thanks for the help!
  9. by   Britanni07
    I think it went well, although it wasn't what I expected. Hopefully I'll hear something soon. They said they would call last week, but I've also heard they aren't great on getting back to you when they say
  10. by   GoMavs
    Hey Britanni07, I found out Friday that I got the position. I hope you find out soon, I know how hard the waiting game is! Praying you get it! Let me know!
  11. by   RNmomof-6
    GoMavs--do you know if they have told everyone who was chosen still heard nothing at this point but I also interviewed late so I wonder are they going in order or just not telling people who were rejected anything??
  12. by   GoMavs
    I am not sure how they are doing it. I did hear that they would contact you within 30 days of your interview and it was about 30 days after my interview that i heard. Best of luck! I would call HR and just ask though, yes they might get annoyed but you don't have to tell them who you are!