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Hello..Anyone working at parkland or has worked there..How much do they start RN1 pay? What is the shift differential at night? weekend? How is there Insurance? Do you like it overall? Please help me with this questions..Thanks... Read More

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    Yes I think Parkland would be a wonderful learning experience either way

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    I agree! I think Parkland is a great training ground. I doubt they'll Shut it down coz where would d people go? Plus, they won't be spending money on that new hospital...i hope Parkland find its way back up!
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    This hospital sounds just like The Regional Medical Center at Memphis. People talk about it the same way but I love where I work.
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    They've just fired all their senior executive management from when their problems began, and they've just fired their interim CEO who replaced their CEO of 30-years in December.

    On top of that, they've failed every monthly progress report with their federally-mandated safety monitors. There's a great reference website from watchdog group at the Parkland House of Horrors at
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    Are you kidding?! That website is such a joke! It looks like it was put together by some teenagers. Movie clips? Haunted houses? Please!

    I work at Parkland and it's wonderful. We receive the sickest of the sick, mangled of the mangled. The average ER in the area sees 40 patients per day. Parkland sees 400. There will be happy patients and unhappy patients-it comes with the territory. There are issues to be addressed, and they are being aggressive with change at Parkland, but it is in no danger of being shut down. All of the COPC clinics just received critical certifications and the main hospital also just received it's renewal as a Level 1 trauma center. These certification processes are highly detailed and critical. If the place was just a shop of horrors like some claim, they would never pass the rigorous standards they do. There are alot of politics involved, unfortunately. You have to look past some of that and see the good that is being done in the community. You would be lucky to get to work there and see some of the things we see. You will learn so very much. Good luck to you!
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    It's funny how you have exactly 3 posts on this website, all of them slamming Parkland. Are you a nurse? Medical professional? Reporter? What qualifies you to speak how you do other than that ridiculous webpage?
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    Considering the fact that they are on the Group One members list, I can't think of a more deserving entity.
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    Quote from Mom/Nurse2b
    Are you kidding?! That website is such a joke! It looks like it was put together by some teenagers. Movie clips? Haunted houses? Please!
    Seriously! I won't sit here and say that Parkland is a great place, obviously they have serious issues that need to be sorted out, but who is honestly taking advice about a medical institution from that website? Personally, if I were a patient or family member or someone who suffered as a result of an error at Parkland, I'd be pretty offended by that website. Almost seems like they're making a joke out of it.
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    SugarMagnolia, I sure hope you got something of substance from this post- I haven't seen much to answer your initial question. I believe we have communicated on other posts, but I don't recall- have you graduated yet? If you haven't found answers to you months-old-post, here ya go. BTW, Parkland is very open about the progress of the Corrective Action Suit: Parkland Hospital - Corrective Action Progress Reports

    In their "Graduate Nurse FAQ's" link, they state: GN and Nurse Resident salaries start at $24.52/hr. Shift differentials are $2.75/hr for evening shift, $3.50/hr for night shift, and $6.00/hr for weekend shift. Our weekend shifts that are eligible for weekend differential are any shifts worked beginning at 3pm Friday - 7am Monday. If you work an evening or night shift on the weekend, you will be paid both the shift and the weekend differentials. Graduate RN at Parkland Health & Hospital System

    They are one of the largest hiring forces of Associate Degree Nurses, which has become a major issue in DFW. They have a well-respected residency program to develop new grads into competent nurses. There are classes to attend in addition to being precepted, and the client population gives amazing experience. A new grad internship comes with a price though- a 2 year commitment after your 2-6 months of training, with a $10,000 penalty if you break the contract. Something you want to be sure of before you sign. I don't personally know anything about the benefits, but when I did clinical there the employees seemed to like their insurance and education benefits.

    Here is Parkland's link to their benefit package: They offer tuition reimbursement, NCLEX reimbursement, and paid training for certifications.

    Parkland was recently authorized to hire 1400 new employees for their expansion, and are giving $3000 sign on bonuses for new grads.
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    Hey Sweetpea - this wasn't actually my original post but I so appreciate all that info! I graduate in May and am thinking of where I'd like to work. I had no idea they were known for hiring ADNs, that is definitely good to know. I was planning on applying there either way, as the experience would be invaluable. This is off topic, but I know UT Southwestern is sometimes implicated alongside Parkland (see: House of Horrors Website) and I'm not sure what to make of all that. I've only heard good things about St. Paul and Zale Lipshy (plus I love research), so I don't know how much stock I should put into all those claims. I'm wondering because I'm starting a PCT position there this month!

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