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Parking at HCC Coleman

  1. 0 Hi, I'm attending HCC Coleman this spring semester for the first time and was hoping to get recommendations from students about cheaper parking options near the area. The latest post I found are from a couple of years ago and I just wanted to check what parking options there are now. Thank you!
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    Hello. There is a TMC park and ride in Fannin Street, which allows you to park and then take the rail to get off at your destination. The park and ride is one drop from the rail drop off closest to Coleman. Google the info online. You pay a monthly or annual fee. There are also metro buses, depending on where you live. If you're a student the fee with a metro card is 60 cents one way lasting 2-3 hours in that direction. Hope this helps.
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    There is also one HCC parking lot close to HCC Ensemble station. You can just park there, walk to the train station and take the train to Coleman. That's what I do.