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  1. For those that read my other thread, I'm seriously contemplating a move from NYC to Houston for my career draw down. But obviously, such a move would be fraught with loads of professional uncertainties. So I figured the best place to ask would be here in a professional forum of my Texan colleagues.

    Anyways, just wanted to know what major differences there are from way that Big Apple nurses do it, to how they do it in the Lone Star State. ie Thing like nurse patient ratios, patients rights to free treatment by ED's, etc. Also, what some of the area hospitals start basic RN's salaries at. I would especially like to hear the responses of former northeastern state nurses who had already made the move; what were the biggest professional or personal adjustments that you had to make? Oh, and BTW, how are the employee benefit packages, ie health care, vacation, dental, education reimbursement, etc.; ie. what is considered average in Houston?

    Thanks to all who reply
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