Nurse Practice Act exam???

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    I am moving to Tx and was on the BON website to apply for endorsement. WHAT is this 2 hour nurse practice act exam all about? Has anyone taken it??


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    I think you are referring to the "Nursing Jurisprudence Exam."

    It's specific to TX and it's easy. All newly licensed nurses in TX, either by exam or endorsement, are required to take it. It doesn't take 2 hours to complete and you are able to freely browse throught the BON website and NPA documents in another window to answer the questions. Nothing you need to study really, it's mostly common sense type questions.

    Here's an outline of the content with a reference to where to source the answers from within the NPA and rules documents:
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    Yup thats the test. Ok so nothing to freak out over then. Good to know. I could just picture myself running 3-4 computer screens trying to find the elusive answers on some obscure point of nursing law.

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    Nah. I think it took me around 30 minutes or so to do the whole thing. Lots of stuff again was common sense and others I had to reference real quick. It's just to make sure you understand the NPA of the State of Texas, that's all. And if you fail it, no big deal... just wait a week and try again.

    Welcome to Texas!
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    oh my God i tried it twice ......i didnt passed what to do ....i am a foreign graduate ....miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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