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So, for all of those new nurses in San Antonio who are pretty much at wit's end looking for job, I just had an interview and was hired at Southwest General Hospital for their new grad RN program. They still have 8-10 spots left... Read More

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    Well I am by far NOT the best interviewee. LOL But there two nurse educators. One asked the list of questions, the other took notes. Smile, be friendly and warm. And just answer the questions as confident as you can. When is your interview?

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    friday! currently i live in dallas and i have to drive almost 5hrs so i asked for a phone interview.
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    Well the class does start on Monday and they will want to confirm that you'll be relocating immediately if offered the job.
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    ok! thank you
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    UPDATE: The start for the program has been pushed back to the 17th. So for those who still want a chance, now's the time to go for it. =] If anyone need the recruiter's e-mail, let me know.
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    Good luck!
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    I got the job San Antonio here i come!!!

    Thank you KiaP38 RN.. What floor are you working for?
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    Iamblessed2011 or KiaP38 RN can either of you send me the email address for the recruiter. Is this program only for BSN grads?

    I am in an ADN program in Maryland and I graduate in December.

    Any other information will be appreciated.

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    Hi Kia, I checked the website but it shows that the position is PRN or On Call and do not pay benefits. Can you tell me if this is true?
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    Can you send me the email too? Thanks!

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