Need help making a decision.

  1. Hi all. My name is Nancy and will be attending nursing school next semester. I am very excited, but am faced with a very tough decision. I was accepted to UTHSCSA and to Texas State. I can't decide which program to choose and need to make a decision by the 15th of this month--since Texas State needs me to send money for to secure my place. I just need additional information that anyone may have and maybe some input too.

    Little bit about myself: 29 yrs old with 2 kids (4yr old boy, and 1 yr old girl), married to a super supportive man (househusband and student at Texas State), I work at the Austin State Hospital overnight as a psychiatric nurse aide. I also have a degree in psychology. I have always wanted to be a nurse and cant wait until school starts.

    I've got some pros and cons for my self about both school.

    Texas State
    closer to work
    new high tech facility
    more expensive
    5 semester
    program prepares RN for health admin
    not yet accreditate until first class graduates (2012)
    because of traffic (not taking into account accidents) my drive from Round Rock back home could take up to 2 1/2 hours.
    Rising Star of Texas

    shorter class hours
    older institution (so proud of my self for making it in--my dream)
    awesome record and prestigious
    4 semesters
    no admin classes
    Less traffic in San Antonio than in Austin (I HATE traffic)
    50 minute drive

    Anything else that anyone knows that can help be a deciding factor. Although I personally want to attend UTHSCSA--I need to be practical and think about my children. I think for me the schedule is going to help me decide, but I have not seen the schedule for Fall 2011 for UTHSCSA.

    What do you guys think?

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  3. by   ijuanabhappy
    Is the Texas State nursing school campus in Round Rock? When I went to Texas State back when it was Southwest Texas, it was in San Marcos.

    What area do you live in? If it were me, I would say UTHSCSA because of its reputation, cheaper, less time until you graduate. But just weigh out pros and cons and think what is best for you and your family and you will figure it out. Good luck!
  4. by   ijuanabhappy
    Also, is health admin important for your long-term career goals? I'm not sure, but I am thinking with any BSN you will be able to get into admin-type positions. I don't think they look at your individual courses, just the BSN degree... but I'm not 100%