NCTC LVN 2011 Fall Program

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    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has else has been excepted to the LVN Fall program at NCTC in Gainseville?
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    yes! I received my acceptance letter really excited. Taking the A&P class this summer so I will have fridays off! Did you get accepted aswell?
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    Yea, I rcvd my letter May 5th. I am so excited. I'm taking the a&p online cause they didn't have the "in seat class" yet. The last I looked, only 3 people had signed for the in seat class and now when i look it doesn't show anything, so i'm thinking they dropped it. Not sure... Anyway, if your taking class in Gainesville, I will see you then...Good Luck to Us All!!!!
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    Awesome Ya after I had already signed up for the A&P class in corinth they reopened the class in Gainesville, no big deal I am right in the middle of them both. My friend and I will be carpooling together to Gainesville in the fall Can't wait really excited! I was told the A&P class is strictly lecture so it is going to be a long class lol
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    you said your in the middle of gainesville and corinth, where? I'm in sanger. I'm in the middle also, i just like driving to gainesville cause traffic is better that way and you can also go 70 so it seems a little faster also..
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    Yes we are also here in Sanger was reading on here that corinth campus lowest score was like a 91...guess that campus is a little tougher to get in to.
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    Have you seen what the lowest score was for gainesville? I saw the avg. was score was 92 overall with a 96 in math, but I know someone that there avg. was 92 and they scored an 88 in i really don't know what they went by. Oh well, we're in (thank god)...
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    I'm not sure what score they went by, my math was 96 also but average was 90.49. Thank GOD we got in!! Have you finished your packet yet?
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    Not yet. I still have to get my physical done and finish my hep b shot. Can't get the third one till Aug. Have not gotten my records (GED) sent to me yet, should come in next week. Glenda and I went and got our CPR done last Fri. Oh, Glenda is another lady that will be taking the class with us this fall. She live in gainesville. I really wish we could get our books now, I would love to be able to go over them all... I heard the 1st 2 weeks is the toughest, cause they are weeding out the weak ones..I think i'm most nervous about is the clinicals..cause i'm a little insecure..probably my age and starting something new..but nervous all the same.

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    kim and i did our cpr back in feb. and only need a hep b and i can get it in june. i am also very nervous i haven't been in school for 8 years so i am also insecure and scared. i think we will all be fine, as long as we are serious and stick with it we won't have too many problems. i took dental assisting school and was scared to death and graduated with a 4.0 so i am pretty sure all our fears will be overcome. don't let your age scare you, the average nursing student is normally 35, not sure where you are on that scale but i am under and kim is over. i am most nervous about missing more than 2 days a semester, i have three babies and they have always been my top priority. they seemed so harsh at the orientation and it scared me! i am not scared of the clinicals i'm scared of the times we have to be there, because i have three babies and my youngest will only be a year old when i start school. it will be a test to be away from them this much...but well worth it to have such a rewarding profession!

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