Navarro College Nursing 2013

  1. Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I have read it so many times. I thought it would be good to start another one for all of us who are already worried sick...hoping and praying that we've done enough to achieve our dream...
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
  4. by   Cheyenne91
    I am also applying.
  5. by   amac77
    have you already turned everything in? i can't decide if i trust the postal service or if i should deliver it in person.
  6. by   Cheyenne91
    I haven't turned everything in yet. I'm not sure if i trust the postal service either. Have you been to one of the information sessions? I'm going to the one on January 19th. I should have went to one of the earlier ones but I wasn't able to due to a busy schedule. Do you have all of your vaccines and everything? I'm having some issues with the chicken pox vaccine. I had chicken pox when I was a child but I was told that I should just go ahead and get the vaccine anyway because it is cheaper than getting a titer done. It has been way more difficult that I expected because none of the health departments do adult chicken pox vaccines anymore. Walgreens does but they want $145 each...which pretty much ends up costing more than the titer. I'm just worried that the titer might come back too low.
  7. by   amac77
    wow! i paid $40 for the titer at the tarant county health department in arlington. they say they won't do it if you have insurance but they didn't check. i had a mild case of chicken pox when i was 5 and my titer came back positive but it took about a week to get it back. i have everything but the last hep b shot.

    i'm going to the info session also. i wasn't going to go to one but i have a few questions that aren't getting answered on the phone. now that it's down to crunch time, i want to corner somebody and find out.

    are you applying to the lvn also? i can't decide if i want to or not.
  8. by   Cheyenne91
    I got a titer done today at labcorp for $59. It was more than I wanted to pay, but it had to be done. I haven't looked at the lvn application but it might be a good idea. I know that there are a lot of people applying to both programs and bother programs are good so it probably wouldn't hurt.
    How well did you do on the TEAS?
  9. by   amac77
    i'm sure your titer will come back positive. i had such a mild case and i was so young and mine was.

    I got a 93 on the teas. i'm studying for the accuplacer test since it's been such a long time since i took algebra. i'm going to the info session for lvn on the 24th. if i still can, i'm going to apply. how did you do on the test? do you have an idea of how many points you have?
  10. by   Cheyenne91
    I made a 90.5 and I'm not sure how many points I have. I do not have any current medical certifications or anything so I will be lacking all of the points available in those areas, which I am a little worried about. Do you have any idea how many points you have? I need to try to calculate mine.
  11. by   amac77
    I either have 131 or 126. I'm not sure if I will get the 5points for my bachelor's degree because it's a history degree. Initially theysaid I would because I'm a teacher and that's a "related field" but I got myteaching certifications after my degree. I have my emt-b certification and I didwell in my science classes...that gives me some extra points. Have you read the thread from the students that gotin last year? People got in with 102 points so unless there have been majorchanges to the point system or this is a really strong applicant pool...we shouldboth be ok...hopefully. I still have to take a psychology, nutrition, and theorientation class so I won't be getting points for those.

    I'm kind of afraid that I'm going to go to the info sessionand realize that I'm missing something that I don't have time to fix.
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  12. by   amac77
    not sure what happened with the last post...i really can type and correctly space my words.
  13. by   Cheyenne91
    Its okay, i understood what you were trying to say. I have read some of the threads as well. You should consider taking nutrition and orientation online. They are very very easy.
  14. by   amac77
    that's what i was planning on doing. i have to work until the end of may and it's too much to sit in classroom after i've spent the entire day in a classroom. do you know if the points system that they use now is the same as last year?