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Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I... Read More

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    Yes Jsmith I got it all turned in after what seemed like an eternity of getting shots, doing exams and taking the teas test. But it's all done now just playing the waiting game! Do you mind me asking how many points your applying with?
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    I agree it sure did seem like it took a while for everything to come together! I am applying with 120 points to the Corsicana campus. What about you?
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    I'll be applying with 103 to the Corsicana campus. I didnt do well on the teas test
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    I've been reading a lot of different threads from people applying over the last few years and I think you still have goddess chance. Fingers crossed for you....would be nice to get in together. Are you from Corsicana?
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    Yeah I've read the other threads also and they're are people that did get in with those amount of points but I'm still nervous. My plan is if I don't get in to the ADN this year to just finish my few courses left and apply to UT Tyler's BSN program. So I won't be devistated if I don't get in this coming semester but I really am hoping I get it. And yes I was born and raised in Corsicana. How bout you?
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    Born and raised in Mexia. I'm 28 so I'm hoping that this works out for me it seems to be a good time in my life and I have a great support system! This wait is going to drive me nuts though!
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    I'm almost positive your going to get in with that many points! It's a great time in my life right now. I've worked at a dialysis clinic for the past 4 years and have a great support of some awesome nurses that are pushing me to do this! My wife is also a BSN that can help me out along the way!
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    That is awesome! She will be a big help for sure! Maybe she can be our tutor haha! My husband is a pharmacist so I will definitely have plenty of help for the pharmacology part which I have heard is one of the toughest parts.
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    That'll be good for you! Have you already taken all the core classes? And how did you do on the teas test?
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    I sent you a private message
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    Does anyone know what the lowest scores for Teas were for people accepted? Also how did you calculate points? Barbara told me that you add up your score for each individual test on the Teas minus the science.
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    I was told they only look at the reading part and math unless you have already taken college algebra. You had to make a 70.5 on reading to even be considered for the RN program. Unless you are talking about lvn then I'm not sure. For RN they gave us a paper that told you what you could get points for...
    Points for non rnsg degree plan courses
    Points for military service
    Points for county location
    Points for health certifications
    And points scored on reading part of teas

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