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Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I have read it so many times. I... Read More

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    not sure what happened with the last post...i really can type and correctly space my words.

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    Its okay, i understood what you were trying to say. I have read some of the threads as well. You should consider taking nutrition and orientation online. They are very very easy.
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    that's what i was planning on doing. i have to work until the end of may and it's too much to sit in classroom after i've spent the entire day in a classroom. do you know if the points system that they use now is the same as last year?
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    I am not very sure. Maybe if we look through some of the older threads we can figure out if they were on the same point system.
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    looking at the thread from last year, it looks like it's the same. there is a pole asking how many points people had and it goes up to 151. that's what it is now also. have you seen anything different?

    i'm still waiting on the state to send me my driving record. it wouldn't print so they told me that they would mail it. it was supposed to be here by today. if i don't get it by tomorrow i'm just going to order a new one and print it at work.
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    I think the maximum amount of points now is 163. I saw the poll too. So maybe they did change something.
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    the 163 on the "explanation of points" isn't correct. that's the total if you add up all of the points and don't pay attention to the "or". you could only get 163 if you had points for being in the military, working in a health related field, and having a healthcare certification plus you lived in navarro and a surrounding county. whoever put the 163 at the bottom just added all of the numbers up without taking into consideration that very important "or" between those numbers. when you add it up paying attention to that it's still 151. did you total your points? do you have more than 102?
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    I'm trying to figure out what it means by the 10 non degree plan courses. Does that mean classes other than the required? Or the classes like nutrition and orientation?
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    it's the classes like nutrition, psyc, the sciences...the 10 non-nursing classes. orientation is required but i don't think we get an admission point for it. that's how i understood it when i called to make sure i could still apply without the psyc, nutrition, and orientation. i was told that i could...i just wouldn't get the two points. i was confused and the lady i talked to explained to me that we didn't get a point for the orientation class. have you taken all of the non-nursing classes?
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    This semester I am taking a&p II and art appreciation. But I have everything else. so does that mean that micro, college algebra, and the a&p classes count in the 10? If so, i think I have 110 points total.

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