MVC fall 2013 hopeful

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    Anyone apply at Mountain View College for fall entry? If so how many points did you apply with?

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    I turned in my application on the 8th of April. I had 22 points. Now I'm just waiting to know if I got in.
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    Nice, I too have 22 points. I heard the cut off was 21, hopefully we get in. Good luck! I'm itching to know already!
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    Good luck to you also. When are they going to send out the acceptance letters. I hope we know something before the 30th.
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    Just got my acceptance letter...I'm in! So happy right now!!!!
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    Me too!! Congratulations!!
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    Congratulations to you too!!! I can't wait til classes start!
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    Have they emailed you in regard to the shots and Cpr due dates, or success camp?
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    Hi I want to also apply for Fall 13 but I have to attend the information session and the point system is a bit confusing but I hope I get in how many applicants do they allow and is it on a first come bases or who has the highest points?
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    Quote from PeterMashIII
    Have they emailed you in regard to the shots and Cpr due dates, or success camp?
    No. I called the nursing advisor to see what's going on, and she told me that they are trying to get graduation over with. She said once they have those students out the way she will start sending out emails on what to do next. I explained to her I just don't want to get behind, and she said no you are doing the right thing. She also stated that they will give us enough notice to get everything done.

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