Mountain View College Class Of 2015

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    Anyone on here a graduate or 2nd year student at MVC that can offer any advice or insight on what the program will be like?

    Also if you got accepted, what's up!

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    I graduated from that program.
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    Quote from Nimble
    I graduated from that program.
    Hi, I'm very curious about how the nursing program at mountain view was like if that's ok with you?
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    I am curious also....
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    Your also applying to this fall 2014
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    Well, we were the first class and everything was disorganized and chaotic at one point or another. Majority of us (92%) made it through and almost everyone who I graduated with has a job and passed their board. The program itself has improved as far from what I have been told, and I think you will get your money's worth. If you are doing the entrance HESI, I think they changed it from our requirements. So, you might have to check with them. Entrance HESI is completely different the HESI that you will have to take to stay in the program. Overall, everyone who I graduated with were satisfied and felt accomplished in the end.
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    Quote from ibeth1193
    Your also applying to this fall 2014
    I wanted to apply for Fall 14 but I wont have enough points. I am enrolled in Micro now and taking HESI May 2. I do not have patho or pharm. But everything elsse is completed.