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Below is the email that I received from Memorial Hermann last week, what is your take about it?... Read More

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    RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!!! Memorial Hermann is not a good company to work for. The best of the best (from hell!). I worked there for 3 years and it was not worth it. They should offer top pay since most of their Neuro-ICU nurses left at the same time. RUN!!!

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    I would not work for free. I think this would cause a trend of people wanting nurses to work for free. We have student loans to pay!!
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    Hey, I did a summer internship before. And it was unpaid. It was amazing experience to add to my resume, and not to mention a great reference!! In these tough economic times, ya take what you can get. Honestly... beggars can't be choosers.

    Quote from cabanaboy
    Unpaid internships aren't rare. They occur in many other industries as well.
    Quote from schroeders_piano
    Many professionals in other fields complete unpaid interships in order to gain experience or to get their foot in the door. Personally, I think this could be a good option for some new grads who are having a hard time finding employment or even new grads that might want to brush up or improve upon their nursing skills.
    ^ Exactly.
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    Quote from CRIMSON
    When was the last time a police officer or fire fighter was asked to work for free? This does nothing but drive the overall salary for nursing further down.
    um, my father is a volunteer fire cheif in my town for 31 years, on TOP of working full time. in fact, id say his real job has suffered on many occasion because of the tireless hours he puts in. and you know what? he is a helluva fireman.

    and they have many volunteer nurses, FEMA, red cross, blood banks, etc.
    sry, i know you didnt mean much by throwing firemen in, but it grinds me when ppl don't recognize that there are men missing holiday meals with their family cuz another stupid family cant cook a turkey without setting their kitchens on fire. and many do it for free.
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    Honestly, with the surplus of new graduates and the lack of new graduate positions, I would be interested in obtaining any nursing experience with or without pay. Like SNB1014 said, there are many volunteer nurses out there. Additionally, volunteering is a very uplifting activity.
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    No one wants to pay the "losers" (sorry for the lack of a better term). This unpaid internship is simply to weed out the cream of the crop and offer those positions. Hospitals are BUSINESSES and until you realize they are, you will never like what they do. I have seen it with my own eyes...a hospital takes in a random person they thought would do well... Spend $15k over 3 months of training to find out they cannot handle the job and the person quits. That is money wasted.
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    This is definitely a no bueno situation and an insult to Nursing!

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