MD Anderson August 2012 residency

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    Hey just wanted to start a post for those who have gotten an interview for the August residency. I do a phone interview tomorrow and wonder if anyone has any info on what to expect or how to prep.

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    hey how did your phone interview go?
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    It went well and I was told to come in for panel interview.
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    i am graduating in december and md anderson is my first choice of where to work. i was wondering how you like your internship and what kind of things do you think made you stand out when you applied/what are the type of things they look for most in an applicant? i was not sure if anyone still looked at this thread so i replied to this post, but information from anyone would be helpful! thanks!!
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    Anybody heard any news back from their interviews?
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    heck no i called and some lady name ***** claim they havent started calling candidates. she said by mid august but that makes no sense because the program starts aug 13. she also said phone call means a offer and email means rejection. so neither of us have received a email so i think we are good so far. just hate waiting
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    I got a call today.
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    hey Ankh82 i sent you a private message
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    I can't PM yet ( not enough posts). The recruiter told me they didn't have any assignments yet, but that she would be in touch within the next two weeks and to keep her posted if I changed my mind or whatever ( yeah, that's likely) =). I'm super excited and nervous thinking about the move (I'm in Vegas). Where would you be relocating from? Good luck to you and keep me posted. =)
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    Yay thats awesome. Congrats!!! dont be nervous i relocated already right after graduation from north carolina. got married etc. havent heard anything yet. houston is a great place to live bunch of stuff to do just have to be willing to get out and explore. since i know u got a call im trying not to pick the phone up and bother anybody waiting is so hard. do you know where you might live?

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