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    I was accepted into the Surg Tech program at a local school, but am applying for an LVN program that starts next spring as well. I am interested in both but I have been wanting to do nursing for awhile now. Im trying to decide if I should do surg tech just in case I dont get accepted into the LVN program OR if I should decline my offer and wait to see if the LVN program accepts me... Im so confused. Im worried though about getting accepted into the LVN.. you need a 60% in math and 64% in reading on the teas. I got a 70% in math and a 69% on the reading. Should I start the Surg Tech program and if I get accepted into nursing drop it after a semester and pursue LVN. I could really use anyones input. Thanks!
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    Surg Tech is an amazing program and you could gain a lot of experience from it, but if attending the LVN program is your dream then I would just say to wait and pursue that. I wouldn't attend the Surgical tech program if you know you are going to drop after a semester. Those spots are competitive and you could be taking that spot from someone else who wants to make a career out of it. I know it is a difficult decision to make and they are both very great programs. When will you find out if you got accepted into the LVN program? Also if you are worried about your scores you could always call the director of the program and express your concerns about them. I know some schools let you retest twice and they will look at the highest scores of the 2. So maybe that is another option you could check into as well. Good luck!
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    I'm a former Certified Surg Tech, who became an ADN, then BSN, then Surgical NP. For starters, a LVN program is 3 semesters, a LVN to RN bridge program is anywhere from 3-5 semesters, depending on how many pre-reqs you need. If you have a true interest in surgery, there is no real difference in going for surg tech (3 semesters), then doing an ADN program (5 semsters), also dependent upon how many pre-req you need. Also, surg techs make a lot more money than LVNs, so your earning capacity will be higher while you're working on your ADN. Another plus is that after working as a surg tech, most hospitals salivate at the thought of hiring you as an OR (unless they only hire BSNs). I love surgery, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Good Luck on your decision.
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    Thanks for yalls input and opinons. They have helped me see both sides. I would REALLY like to do LVN and bridge to RN and work my way up. I have to do LVN first since i have a family.. and i cant take off 2 years straight for school. There are schools in my area that let you bridge to RN while working full-time. Im going to go for the Surg Tech and if I get in to LVN while in school, then thats what I will do!