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Looking for students who are applying to Brookhaven in Fall 2012 to start Spring 2013

  1. 0 Hi there,
    I searched for Brookhaven to make sure there wasn't a thread for this but all I found was people that were getting in this fall at Brookhaven. I will be applying this fall to Brookhaven and will hopefully start in the Spring 2013. I'd love to start connecting with other hopefuls so don't hesitate to respond!
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    I attended Brookhaven, graduated in 1992. It was a really great program! 20 years later, I am now an acute care nurse practitioner, and am starting my doctorate in August. Best of luck to you!
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    I am sure more Brookhaven hopefuls will turn up in this thread once it gets closer to the application period in September

    I am one of the students who is starting Brookhaven's nursing program this August. If you have any questions about the application process let me know! Once I start the program I would love to answer other questions about the program too
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    Oh that is really cool, I'd really like to keep in touch with you because I want to do nurse practitioner although I think by the time I can do it it will be moved to doctorate. That is so cool, what exactly does the acute part mean? Thanks
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    Thank you Briterz I will definitely take you up on that, good luck to you and congratulations!
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    Thank you!

    My first tip for the program: start saving now! There are so many things you have to get done before the actual program starts such as CPR Cert., immunizations, physical exam, health insurance, scrubs, background check, books and supplies. The book package alone is $830 but it comes with almost all books you will need for the whole program. There will be a few extra books that are not in the package that you will have to purchase separate each semester.

    You have deadlines that the program will give you to get all these things done by. Don't rely on financial aid to buy all of these things either because most of it (except for scrubs and books) are due before you get your financial aid disbursement.

    You don't need to buy the book package if you don't want to either. You can buy the books on the list online or at another bookstore. The advantage with the package is that it comes with an ebook version too along with the paper version of the books and (at least in our book package) it comes with a subscription to a mosby website that we apparently will be using. The subscription by itself is like $200 for a year subscription. I am not quite sure yet if the subscription is required for class though.
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    I'm applying in fall for spring 2013 admission as well!! I have all of my prereqs except for dosage and eol which I will be taking in the fall! I am a little nervous for the hesi... Have you already taken it?
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    I have all prereqs except dosage and end of life Yes I took the hesi and I was terrified but I got 94.4 and hadn't taken A&P2 at the time so don't worry. I am not very good at math so that was the part I was most concerned about. I memorized all of the conversions like grams to liters and miles to feet, etc. I studied the hesi study guide by evolve. For the reading section be sure to understand the conclusions they want you to reach from the paragraph, it is not always as intuitive as you might think. Grammar was pretty straight forward but be sure to understand the difference between lay and lie or other similar sounding words. Do the study guide and you will be fine, good luck and nice to hear from you!
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    Briterz thank you for all of the information, it is fantastic, please keep it coming! Wishing you continued good luck!
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    Thank you galofthetao!! And thank you briterz!! Galofthetao, 94.4 is awesome on the hesi!! Thank you so much for your advice! I bought the evolve study guide for practice this summer! I can't wait to take it to calculate my points! Have you already figured out how many you have? I saw on the website that we get some points from a professional writing sample as well... Is this the first semester that they are requiring this?
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    Interesting, for this last application period we did not need to do a professional writing example. I see that is a new requirement on the website. I wonder how that will turn out!

    Congrats on the 94.4 HESI score, that is awesome!!
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    Yes the writing is new, I was bummed to see that because I was already nervous about the interview! I went to talk to admissions about it because I really didn't know what a writing sample meant, they told me is was mostly just to see that you could write, spell, speak english, the lady I talked to didn't seem to think it would be too much of a problem. I will have 33.4 points but who knows how much I will get from the interview or writing sample (I get nervous in interviews and I have terrible handwriting! )

    Briterz if you don't mind me asking, what was the interview like? I heard they were group interviews, is that true? Any advice? Thanks again for the input!
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    Yes it is a group interview. You and 4 other students are interviewed at the same time by a panel of 4 nursing instructors. Each student is asked 2 questions and the questions are usually multi-part such as "Explain a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation, what did you do to overcome it and if you had to do it again what would you do differently?". All the instructors on the panel have score sheets in front of them and they all score you on your answer. They do not tell you what your score is either.

    I was extremely nervous going into the interview but once I sat down and everyone (student and instructors) took turns introducing themselves I felt a little better. I was worried that the judging panel would be made up of these stern, cold instructors but they actually are very kind and make you feel at ease. You are allowed to take a moment after you are asked a question to collect your thoughts and if you need to you can ask them to repeat the question. I did both of these and I don't think I was penalized for it. When I was answering a question about some of my experience as a Resident Assistant at an Alzheimer care facility I even got the panel to laugh a bit when I was explaining a funny incident.

    My biggest tip is try not to ramble too much. Answer the question you are asked fully but don't ramble on for 5 minutes about the subject. A student in my group did that and it was quite annoying and you could tell the panel was getting a bit bored.

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