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Hi there, I searched for Brookhaven to make sure there wasn't a thread for this but all I found was people that were getting in this fall at Brookhaven. I will be applying this fall to Brookhaven... Read More

  1. by   SA2009
    Thank you for the info! Just put the books on order...

    Another question regarding scheduling - how did the summer semester look like from schedule? That's probably one of my biggests worries as I will have to work part-time (most likely).
  2. by   Preemie 2 RN
    The summer semester is the complete summer. You start the week after spring finals and I believe because you start the program in the spring your summer semester goes right up until fall semester starts with no break. You will be doing 2nd semester during the summer which is ALOT of material so that is why you go straight through with no break.
  3. by   Childers7
    wow! a lot of information.....but soooooo helpful!! Getting the books also!

    I tried searching for the group on FB, but i couldnt locate it. Is it possible its set to private?
  4. by   Laffitte
    The group is set up as "Closed" which means anyone can see the group and who is in it but only members can post to it. I typed in "Brookhaven N" and as soon as the N was typed in the group popped up first in the list...? Not sure that helps you any. If any of you are having problems I will be adding everyone in as soon as the first email comes out from Brookhaven. I would imagine that will be soon since success camp is mandatory and we will need to plan around it!!! :-)
  5. by   spope08
    Hey guys!! I got in too! I've just been having some issues with my home internet, and my phone wouldn't allow me to post for some reason... Anyway, YAY!! I'm excited to meet everyone, and look forward to success camp! And I definitely want to be a part of the FB group!
  6. by   Childers7
    How do you know how/where to purchase the book package? Also, i noticed in our Foundations class that some people have already registered.....how do these people know what their schedule is? Was there an email that was sent, that I maybe missed?
  7. by   SA2009
    Actually, I went up to the Nursing Dept yesterday mainly to find out about the Fundamentals book. I was told that there is a very slim chance that the fundamentals book is being changed for Spring 2013, so I will take that chance and get it on Mon, so I can start reading. The bookstore and Majors both have the packages for the nursing classes 2013 posted and available for purchase.

    I also registered for fundamentals because there is only one class offered. If someone registered for the other classes, it can always be changed.
  8. by   Childers7
    So im finishing up all my immunizations and im curious where everyone got their Meningococcal Vacine? I'll prob end up doing it at Walgreens ($150 bucks) bc I cant find a doctors office who has them.
  9. by   SA2009
    Try Krogers ... I went to the one on Mockingbird/Greenville and it was somewhere around $125.
  10. by   JosephQueen
    Dallas county health and human services has it for $125. That's the cheapest you will find it.
  11. by   JosephQueen
    I'm curious: is anyone else doing financial aid? I can't submit my information for FA without having classes registered. Is foundations the only class we will actually be registering for? I have so many questions; my head is spinning. The VA guy had no helpful information for me, nor did the person at financial aid. I'm sure Mrs. ******* will have the answers I need.
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  12. by   Childers7
    I pulled up the curriculum for the program in Brookhavens website and it says skills lab (1105) and clinical(1462) are with the foundations class. I also received an email today that shows what hospital we'll be at and the section were supposed to register for. Did you get that also? There wasn't much info in it and it looked like only the instructors were added so I wasn't sure if I was added to the list by mistake. Lol
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  13. by   JosephQueen
    There was an updated version that had our names added as well. I got that.