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Hi there, I searched for Brookhaven to make sure there wasn't a thread for this but all I found was people that were getting in this fall at Brookhaven. I will be applying this fall to Brookhaven... Read More

  1. by   Laffitte
    Hi guys, I just applied in mid-September for the spring 2013 program. My final points totaled up to 33.4 so I am hoping that is high enough to get an interview spot. So far I have been pretty good about NOT thinking about the next few months but I can tell it is weighing more and more on my brain... Has anyone stopped into the office to ask any questions lately? I am there all the time but I haven't worked up the courage to stop in so far. At any rate, best of luck to all of us and may the right people make it into the program!!!
  2. by   Childers7
    Nursechoice I scores a 91.2 on the HESI. I applied with 30.9 points so Im hoping I'll at least get selected to do an interview and writting sample. May not be enough for Spring admission, but my fingers are crossed!!
  3. by   Childers7
    [COLOR=#003366]I scores a 91.2 on the HESI. I applied with 30.9 points so Im hoping I'll at least get selected to do an interview and writting sample. May not be enough for Spring admission, but my fingers are crossed!!
  4. by   Childers7
    Not sure what is going on with my computer! lol sorry for the double post!
  5. by   Preemie 2 RN
    Just thought I'd chime in and let everyone know that I applied last Spring for this Fall with only 28.9 points and I got the call back to do an interview. Sometimes that 'lucky number' is lower than the 30 or 32 that administration tells you that you must have to get a call back. It all depends on how many people apply for that semester and what kind of points everyone has.

    I think overall if you are in the 30's you should get called in for at least an interview. If you are 28 or 29 you might get called in too!

    I thought I would not get in for this fall because I only had 28.x points when I applied and boy was I shocked when they invited me to interview! Then I was even more shocked when they emailed me telling me I was accepted. You just never know what the competition is going to be like!
  6. by   spope08
    I wish we knew how many applicants there were. It just makes me nervous that only 40 get admitted for the spring! EEK!
  7. by   Laffitte
    For everyone that applied for Spring-2013, I stopped in the nursing administration office and enquired about dates. They let me know that we probably would not get our final points email until October 29th. [Should I get bad news, I guess getting it on Monday will be best so that I don't cry all weekend long!] :-) The dispute period will still be the week of October 29th and then we should all receive the invitations to the interviews the week of November 5-9, more than likely mid to later on that week. I guess the date for interviews is still 11/12/12 because they didn't say anything different.

    I did not ask how scores were looking so far... I think I was afraid she would tell me that I had applied with a group of geniuses and everyone had a 35 or higher except me!

    Are you guys getting as nervous as I am or are you able to stay calm? I have read other strings from previous classes and thought that they were all a bit crazy. Turns out it is just normal to worry so much about this!!!! That or I guess I am just that crazy too...
  8. by   Laffitte
    I forgot to put in a heads up to all of you applying for future programs... Make sure you have COMPLETED as many support classes as you can, especially the ones worth 2 points. Brookhaven will not allow you to include any points for classes you are still taking at the time you apply. (They told me that this can include online classes completed before the official end date; if the grade does not show in your transcript then it will not be counted.)

    If you can take a summer class or mini-mester instead of a fall/spring class then it might help you get that one point you need later. Just a thought!!! Best of luck!!!
  9. by   Childers7
    Laffitte- I am super nervous!!! I originally was told by the nursing advisor that with my points (30.9) that I should definitely get an interview.....however, talking to peers and seeing some post throughout this site, I see that Spring is harder to get into because they take less people. I would be devestated to wait another 8 months!!! Especially with most hospitals moving toward becoming Magnet hospitals! I want to get my RN asap so I can get in before they make all these changes!
  10. by   Laffitte
    I think we all are nervous! I was told by a staff member at Brookhaven that they had expected the points to drop off at some point because each semester kept getting higher and higher. If that is the case and last semester was the drop off then maybe 31 isn't the normal for competitiveness anymore. :-) And even if 31 is still the number to be competitive, you are right there so either way I bet you get an invite!!!

    As for magnet hospitals, they will still hire you with an ADN but most of them put a restriction on your future employment... (They will hire you but only keep you employed if you have your BSN within two years...) The best thing to do is to get into an ADN program and then apply as soon as you possibly can to a 4 year school so that you can show the hospitals that you already have the BSN as a goal.

    Man, this waiting is a pain!!! And this isn't even the tough part. I can't imagine what it is like after the interview when you are waiting to see who gets in!!!!!!
  11. by   spope08
    Does anyone know how long it will be before we hear about interviews after this week (dispute period)? Monday the 5th is my birthday, so hopefully I'll get good news that day!!! Good luck everyone!
  12. by   Childers7
    Im thinking any time next week since interviews are on the 12th (according to the website). If it was on the 5th, that would be a great birthday present Fingers are crossed!
  13. by   spope08
    REALLY hoping to hear something today! Surely they won't wait until the end of the week, since interviews are Monday! EEK!