Lonestar Spring 2013

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    Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?
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    I am applying!!!! and yes there is a traditional program for kingwood. Application Deadlines
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    Oh thanks so much!! I looked all over their website for those deadlines..
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    You are very welcome. Glad to help!
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    what other schools are you applying to? I think I remember you from the spring 2012 one
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    Yes I had intended on applying for this past spring but didn't, so here I go again.
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    I'm thinking about applying to college of the mainland for fall. Wharton and lonestar for spring. How about u?
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    Oh and hcc for spring
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    I was going to apply for the Spring 2013 Kingwood ADN Program but changed my mind recently. I am applying for the Kingwood LVN program that starts in August.
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    San jac still has their app period open for fall... I was considering it but really do not want to make that trip everyday.. So for spring.. lonestar Hcc uthsc (houston) and possibly utmb... I have to give it all a little more thought