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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    I'm applying to Quest Basic and my score was 11.02. Good Luck everyone!

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    Quote from Jesbustos
    Congrats to everyone!!! Is anyone else going crazy waiting? Or I'm I the only one?! Yall all have AWESOME scores so I hope you all are sleeping tight!! Bc this kid is not lol
    I'm going crazy too...this wait is torture. Lol I'm trying to keep focused on my two classes but I can't help but eyeball the calendar and count down the weeks. Lol
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    Me too! What classes are you taking and where? Im taking a and p II at cy fair on the weekends and STAT online.
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    Quote from Jesbustos
    Me too! What classes are you taking and where? Im taking a and p II at cy fair on the weekends and STAT online.
    I'm taking micro at montgomery and pharm online through kingwood
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    So for the quest program, does anyone know when do they do the interviews?
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    Hey everyone! I applied to the Tomball location for the LVN program. I have yet to find anyone else applying for LVN. My score (out of a possible 8 points) was a 7.5, and if I were to be applying for RN, I'd have an 11.5. Just like everyone else, I am trying my hardest to be patient through these next couple of weeks for our notification letters!Congratulations to everyone on their awesome scores!
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    There is a past thread (for 2010 or 2011) where someone posted that interviews for Quest were only conducted if the college needed more information regarding your application. I'm guessing maybe for tie-breakers but like I said, just guessing as I have no real knowledge.
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    Hello future students
    I'm currently in my first semester of the Cy-Fair Lonestar program. If you have any questions let me know.
    I'm also starting a blog to jot down what happens every week during my nursing school adventure (hoping it might help future students in what to expect and also just nice to have for me in the future to look back on).
    Good luck everyone!!!
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    Alexandria, thank you so much! That is so sweet of you and good luck this semester! And congrats for making it thanks for the support and info!
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    Thanks for sharing. Good luck to you.
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