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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    Thank you Nataliea. I know the deadline is this coming Friday, does anyone know if we have to have the hep b results back by then (because i was told it could take a few days), or just proof that we got it done. Thanks in advance!

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    Ok have no idea why that was posted twice, but thank u very much prayerful!
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    Not a problem ;-)
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    Yep, just proof that you started the series. BTW, there is another thread regarding this application period on here. It's under summer 2013 (or something like that). Does anyone have any idea how many applicants there were for the fall program? I wonder how long it takes after the application deadline to get a letter in the mail.
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    Does anyone know if anyone is trying to get into quest transition program at kingwood, I applied but I am hoping enough people apply so that the program can start.
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    @Nataliea, I'm not sure how many applicants there were. Looking at the Spring 2012 posts, the ones applying to Kingwood started getting their letters about October 8.
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    I hope it is this month! That is what the college website said. I turned my application in this afternoon.

    @raynonme, is that all you have to do is get your hep B shot?
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    @Nataliea, yes I turned in my app and everything else on Friday. I had my shot record where I previously had the Hep B shot, but they told me I needed to probably get the titer. So once I get that I can fax it over and that's it. Good luck to you!!
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    Thanx! Same to you. I read about a million post from last fall and saw that Kingwood got their letters on the 8th of October. I guess I need to focus on my classes (micro & pharm) and not take up residence on this message board. lol :icon_roll
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    Hey all! I've been posting in another Kwood 13 thread but I came across this one this morning. Just wanted to say that I also applied to Kwood (only one I applied to this time) with an 11.7. I cannot wait until we get some news!!!

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