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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    there hasnt been much activity on here this application period ... just noticed that

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    Thanks prayerful!! If I don't get in this time, I'll definitely keep trying. Im a bad procrastinator so hopefully I can get my app in on time. Yea not much activity on here at all.
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    Hey everyone! I just took the HESI and will be applying for the Quest Basic Track as my first choice and Kingwood Basic Track as my second choice. I am applying with an 11.65 and extremely nervous!!! There are not alot of people talking about applying (on this website) compared to the threads I've seen from past years.... not sure what to take of that? Is there a master list of everyones scores and school choices, I'm really interested to see how everyone else is doing! Good luck to everyone!!!
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    @rayneonme... I planned on applying to more school but ended up not being able to because of deadlines and finances So I only applied to Cyfair and UTHSC-Houston. I am hoping to get started this coming spring. Good luck to you!

    @ness27.. I dont know how to take it but hopefully it is good news. We can start a list now if you want and maybe other will jump on and add to it.

    CyFair - 11.78
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    Hi guys! I took the Hesi yesterday. (Whew! glad it is over!) I will be applying to Kingwood as first choice and Cy-fair as second. I made a (96) english, (96) A & P, (84) math. I think that gives me 11.84. I submitted the online app as soon as I got home yesterday. I downloaded the score sheet, but I guess elsevier has to email the scores and lone star puts it in their system? I am still dazed as I felt that I would bomb the hesi and hadn't thought past the test. I still can't believe it is finally time to apply. :bowingpur

    Has everyone started their Hep. B series? FYI, there is an accelerated Hep. B series that you can complete in under six months. Best of luck to everyone!!
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    I submitted everything except my hep b. Still need to do that to officially apply. Do you know where they offer the accelerated one? Thanks and good luck to all.
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    CyFair - 11.78[/QUOTE]

    Kingwood 11.36
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    @ rayeoneme. I got mine with my doctor at Diagnostic Affiliates in Kingwood. (right by the college). I told my doc that I would have to have the series completed by January. He said that doing the shot every 2 months was just the recommended dose and to call in a month. I my first dose on the 24th. I only had to pay my copay. I had intially checked at walgreens on the cost and it was like $160.00 (and that was with insurance). That could have been for all three though.
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    Thank you Nataliea. I know the deadline is this coming Friday, does anyone know if we have to have the hep b results back by then (because i was told it could take a few days), or just proof that we got it done. Thanks in advance!
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    Just proof that you got the first one

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