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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    Awe man, I'm sorry to hear that. But if you can find a daycare and finish the lonestar lvn program Prairie View A&M has a LVN-BSN bridge program! That is what I am trying to do. I am nervous my score wasn't high enough though. Reading forums I have seen one person get accepted as an alternate with a 6.34 or so, and that was at kingwood but two years ago. Kingwood will be a long drive for me, but I have no chance getting into Cy-fair with my score I just want to get into a program and start working! I am busting my butt working two jobs right now to save money so when I am in the program I can just focus on school.

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    Is anyone in here applying to Kingwood's ADN program this summer for spring 2013 start?
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    My name is Megan and I am applying for the basic track nursing program at lonestar cyfair 2013 & I would love to make friends with ladies/fellas going into the program! If you'd like, I made a Facebook page for anyone going into the lonestar nursing program for 2013. Visit and like it at Facebook.com/LSCY.Nursing13
    Looking forward to the possibility of meeting you ladies at Lonestar Cyfair in 2013!! And looking forward to learning new things about the nursing program with you all!
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    MeganRichards- Cy Fair & Kingwood app period is at the same time isn't it? I think I remember reading that it was. Have you taken your HESI yet?
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    Hi everybody! I will be applying to the ADN program. Kingwood is my first choice, Cyfair 2nd. I took my Hesi exam last week. I will be applying with a 11.52. Hopefully I get in. GOOD LUCK 2 EVERYONE!!!!!!
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    I applied to CyFair yesterday!!!!
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    I'm applying at Cyfair with an 11.7068...here's praying that I get in! So ready to get this road started!!
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    Welcome justnoodlez!!!! That is a great score, Im sure you have nothing to worry about!!! Good luck!!!
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    Just took hesi today. Was not pleased with my score at all. English composite was 84. Im definitely still applying to Kingwood as my first choice. Good Luck to all!!
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    Hi rayneonme!!!! Sorry you didnt get a score you wanted, but dont get discouraged because your score is still great. Good luck to you!!!

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