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Lonestar Spring 2013 - page 27

Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    Quote from iamleeann
    Thanks for the link. I'm assuming when it says begin by completing prerequisite work... that prereq courses would mean core courses but I'm not certain.
    Begin your Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) by completing the following:
    • An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) from the Lone Star College System, or an accredited associate degree or diploma program.
    • Evidence of an unencumbered, current Texas RN license and CPR certification.
    • Prerequisite course work.

    And we need we a stethoscope?! Thanks for that info. My husband is getting it for me for Christmas. I would've never brought it. Not even sure if it will be here in time. I might try and pickup a cheap one.

    As far as the books, they should be the same for Quest and Traditional...or at least that is the indication I got when I purchased mine.

    *meant quest and traditional not transition
    Yes, I was surprised that we needed our stethoscope so soon! But sounds like fun!
    I haven't taken any classes other than the ADN ones so far so I think next summer I'm going to start taking a few of the BSN core classes online since we won't have class.
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    Thanks so much for that info, Alexandria!
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    I just checked my lonestar account and I'm finally registered!!! I'll be in the evening rnsg 1105, saturday clinicals, and wednesday night lab.
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    I'm registered too! Weeknight class next week, Practice lab from 3-5 on Wednesday, and Tuesday clinicals. I requested a Saturday but I think Tuesday might work.
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    I got a Monday clinical (requested Saturday) and afternoon Wednesday lab. She said too many requested Saturday so they moved students out based on the point system. I will definitely have to quit my job now and I'm really sad about it but I will deal.
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    JennBU06, I have Tuesday clinicals as well. Mostly everybody I seen on here so far have Monday clinicals. I thought I was by myself for a minute lol.
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    Does anyone know when we'll find out which hospital we're at?
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    Gosh I'm getting nervous about next week! Lol
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    IDK about our hospital locations. I wish I could get somewhere in the Medical Center but if I remembered right, I think they said they don't use downtown hospitals for clinicals. I THINK....
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    Quote from ikegrad2002
    IDK about our hospital locations. I wish I could get somewhere in the Medical Center but if I remembered right, I think they said they don't use downtown hospitals for clinicals. I THINK....
    Actually, I think they do unless they've changed it! A friend of mine graduated from kwood a few years ago and her hospitals were kwood, northeast, Triumph on 1960 and LBJ (which is downtown, I believe..could be wrong though.) I'm hoping for ones closer to home than the medical center, but I'll def take what I can get!
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    Nevermind, I don't think LBJ is in the medical center. Just looked it up! Lol
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    LOL.. Yeah LBJ is outside the Medical Center. On Kelley street(Northeast Houston)